The Social Dilemma - Netflix


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22 May 2004
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I've seen it mentioned on various threads and think it deserves its own thread to debate the film and the positives/negatives of social media. I wasn't sure if this should be in the nutter's forum of politics or the general one as it encompasses literally everything we do online.

Personally I fucking hate it. I can see why it was created with good intentions and has been hijacked for vulture-like profits at the expense of people's mental health. I would like all governments to enshrine all digital data and how its use is governed by that individual. Sadly as most use this data that will never occur.


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7 May 2009
Terrifying. Obama was asked years ago to describe modern politics in one word and he said “polarised”. You watch this documentary and you see why.

The scariest part was when a development president, or whatever his high flying position at Facebook was, was asked what do you fear the most out of social media and with utter seriousness he responded, civil war.
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1 Mar 2005
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To the idiots on here that are questioning the ethics of Netflix, it would help if you watched the bloody film "Cuties" and understand what it's about.

Understand the fact the actors (I won't gender the term) in the films are the age as or close to it as possible to put a reality to pressure our kids go through in today's society.

Our kids have been pressured for YEARS left, right and centre from their own peer groups to older as in adults, starting with dance groups trying to extract more and more from kids to parents glamming/ sexing up kids to enter competitions.

It's designed to make you uncomfortable and rightly fucking so.

So don't fuck off Netflix because you're uncomfortable that reality slaps you in the fucking face, do something to get kids back to normality and not be grown folk before their time!!

I should apologise for the swearing but sometimes the precious need a fucking slap!!

Bill Walker

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24 Dec 2006
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Personally I think Netflix offer a great service for $10 a month.
Add free is an important factor.

Wish they would equalise content worldwide though.

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