The Stand without a name...


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5 Jan 2009
muffin central!
this poem was written by my good friend Pete whos username on here is Llewellyn Dowd as a tribute the the fathers that made us blue but sadly are now lost to us...

The stand without a name..

There’s an extra tier at the Etihad, we mortals cannot see.
It seats all our lost loved ones, who get to watch for free.
Though God will never influence, the outcome of a game,
He builds the extra seating, in the stand without a name.

When City ran out on the pitch, the final match to play,
My mate said how he wished his Dad, “was here to see today”
I told him not to worry, as his Dad was seated here,
And though we couldn’t see him, “he’s in the extra tier.”

“He’s sat up there with my Dad, they’ve got a brilliant view,
And every game that City plays, they’re here to watch them too!”
When Sergio Aguero smashed the winner in the net,
Their cheers were just as loud and proud as ours were I would bet!

It’s not just us who have this stand, I know the others do,
Though knowing those in Trafford, they probably have two!
Long lost players, managers, groundsmen, saints and sinners
They roared the Blues on to the end, the Premiership winners!

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