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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 98 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,870 95.0%

  • Total voters

Nellies left peg

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3 Dec 2017
Imagine a scenario, City already won the league and united need to beat us to get top 4. What is the point? Everton win to go ahead of the rags on final day and the next season the sick 6 compete in the Esl


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30 Oct 2008
In the cooler
Actually wresting control of the game away from UEFA and giving it to the clubs is in the long term best interest of the game imo. I’m a lifelong City fan, on a City forum, watching on whilst City fans slag off our owner, call for the club to be banned, and insult fellow blues who see things differently. And I’m the bad one? I think not.
Self awareness isn’t always ones strong point:-)


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19 Jun 2015
I am bit fucking pissed off whilst watching sky sports right now, all this mouthing off about how corrupt and wrong this european super league is and how it is totally immoral that it will be a closed shop

And rightly so because that is what it is

But for the fucking life of me, I hope that these same pundits and managers actually do the same regarding the new champions league reform because that has just become a fucking closed shop more than what it already is - are they going to call Ceferin out that a club like liverpool or united could finish 7th in the domestic league but still qualify going of past history

Does that mean that a club like west ham could ultimately finish 4th but still lose out because liverpool or united have a better pedigree ?

Correct me if I am wrong but UEFA are ruining the game just as much
Agreed, but being devils advocate I think UEFAS reform was trying to pander to the cunty owners but it wasnt deemed good enough


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27 Oct 2012
Exactly. City need to look after themselves. We had no choice but to join this racket. Vomit inducing shite from the red scum on sky.
Are you actually joking? No choice? Of course we had a choice.

we are part of this racket. You must have some really blue tinted glasses on


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21 Aug 2007
Centurions 9301
No it's not. The clubs knew the backlash they would get. The PL teams tomorrow will agree that the big 6 will continue in the league and continue to help line their pockets

It will come down to Super League v UEFA
I think you have underestimated the revolt as have the clubs. A closed shop was the mistake.

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