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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 98 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,870 95.0%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
7 Jan 2018
What these clowns have done is that fans and players of these 12 clubs who probably didn't want to be part of any of this will be named and shamed for rest of their lives. Players legacies will be tainted. Fans will be shamed.

Colin Bells Boots

Well-Known Member
31 May 2016
Team supported
Manchester City
According to the MEN they haven’t seen enough of a backlash from a fans to feel the need to explain themselves

If that is true, that is a shocking statement of arrogance/ complacency from the club.

If ever our PR team needed to get their act into gear, it is right now.

Fode N The Hole

Well-Known Member
1 Oct 2020
Have we gone four years without a trophy? No.
Are we in debt? No.
Do we we have wankers for fans? Debatable.
Do we have owners who cream and sponge money out of the club? No.
Don't ever fuckin tar us with the same brush as them mardarse cunts.

In a European super league, that's exactly what they will do.

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