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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

  • Total voters

give it to gordon

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3 Nov 2013
Proud Manc in Kent
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Manchester City
What a depressing day refreshing the thread hoping we’d have pulled out after the rumours this morning.

Yep ever time my text goes I keep hoping it's my son texting say City have pulled out.
If City do pull out could we start a new thread I dont want to read through another 300 pages to find out ;)


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5 Oct 2009
Yep. But we can be sure we weren’t bullied’ into it. No one bullies a Sovereign Wealth Fund. And I think we can be pretty certain we were involved in the planning, just that we had reservations and when it came time to choose, we chose wrong.

This sort of thing doesn’t go on without a leader of a rich and powerful State knowing all about things that affect important investment of money and prestige.
There is no way some hillbilly inbred, Amish-looking twat Joel Glazer bullied Sheik Mansour into this. The Sheik makes and takes phone calls to world leaders as part of his day job. A failing Mall owner yahoo twat from deliveranceville couldn’t bully him if he tried.

I’m afraid in the absence of evidence to the contrary City actually voted for this of their own free will. Voted to be forever, contractually, subservient to United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Madrid, and Juve.

Think about that for a moment. We have spent 10 years fighting tooth and nail against the above clubs and we have managed to beat them soundly off the pitch and annihilate them on it and then we turn around and vote for - of our own free will - the opportunity to be their bitch and have our bitchness set in legal stone.

It is madness and I defy any City fan of sound mind to be anything other than dead set against it

It is utterly and completely , mind numbingly moronic.

And our owner and his henchmen actually voted for it.

I don’t care about united and Liverpool voting for it. We all expect it from them but this is City.

127 years gone. Forever. Just so we can cement our position of Glazer’s bitch and make ourselves - in perpetuity - a small, shit man united.


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2 Nov 2020
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Manchester city
Glad you've seen it

I'm Blue

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24 Aug 2009
Mass hysteria on here. Think logically, we're dumping the UEFA CL, you know, those who didn't want us. Now we'll be a pioneer and a founder member of another competition - just as corrupt yes, but we still have the PL too.
I’ve no problem with the concept of a esl.
But as a closed shop, absolutely not.
As for the “5 teams invited” isn’t that nice of them to throw a few scraps there way.
You say “think logically” but post comes across as “we’re alright jack fuck everyone else”
If we go through with this we’ll have become everything despise and have fought against.


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17 Aug 2009
Hence my earlier point they needed a sixth club...if we hadn't joined, we could've been in a meeting kicking the initial 5 clubs out of the PL today
Yes, but why? What do you think that would achieve? Then we have no competition at all and SKY don't pay for that.

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