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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

  • Total voters

burning blue soul

Well-Known Member
25 Dec 2008
sun, sand, sea....thats right, im at rhyl sun ctr
I hate to burst the optimists bubble here, but there is only 1 cunning plan by our owner.... that is to take us into this ESL and make shit loads of free money by destroying our sport.
There is no 2nd thoughts, or 11th hour coup de'tat happening to take our breath away, to bring back our admiration for the MCFC suits.
This kind of development ONLY gets announced when folk are 100% behind it. Checked all the ups and down sides, had the bean counters work shit out and run it by all the main movers and shakers. Even will have squared it with the sponsors.

No, we are fucked, fuck, fucked!!!


Well-Known Member
2 Jan 2009
Team supported
Do you know what, I don't care anymore ... VAR has ruined the beautiful game I once loved (I'm 52) and no matter which way this farce turns out its the final straw for me. CTID :,(
I'm a similar age to you mate, don't give up, we're still City


Well-Known Member
18 Feb 2017
Anything happening
Totally distracted for the last 30 minutes by a really good looking lady on " Richard Osmans House of games"
Took my mind off VAR, super leagues and DeBruynes ankle.


Well-Known Member
4 Nov 2007
Slapping people who are looking over my shoulder
There’s nothing behind this but wishful thinking generated by anonymous social media crap.

if it happens then great, but I’m not holding my breath.

Either way, it’s hard to unburn bridges.
Oh, that's disappointing, you think when they were parked outside the ground they would have had a bit of real news.

I thought we'd come to our senses and I see Pep has spoken out as well.
Reporter just said rumours though.
Thanks, Mac.

Psychedelic Casual

Well-Known Member
1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
Mass hysteria on here. Think logically, we're dumping the UEFA CL, you know, those who didn't want us. Now we'll be a pioneer and a founder member of another competition - just as corrupt yes, but we still have the PL too.
It wasn’t particularly UEFA who didn’t want us, it was UEFA facilitating the exact people we’re jumping into bed with who didn’t want us. The Cartel have always been the core and the shysters in the background, with their men in the boardroom at UEFA, Gill Parry Agnielli Beltran (the “Piss Flap Brigade” as Liam Gallagher called them), all part of the Cartel.

They are the exact same clubs who we are getting involved with here.

It’s not like we’re starting a new European league with Chelsea Leicester Malaga Zenit CeltaVigo Lazio and Coventry and calling it the European Super Blues League... we are going in with the exact clubs who didn’t want us with UEFA. and do remember that we were not part of the organisation of this, we were approached at the 11th hour about it, don’t have a single representative on the board, and there’s already talk that the funds are going to favour a small handful of the core clubs in this and not be shared evenly!

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