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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

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14 Aug 2020
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I am disappointed in my club, I think the ESL is a blatant attempt to allow an American bank to revitalise the ailing aristocracy of European football and I agree with the opinions expressed that it is the antithesis of sport an attempt to replace sporting competition by financial certainty. It is the triumph of the view of football expressed by the Southampton chairmen when his club was relegated from the premier league: he could not understand why fans were so angry at relegation because the club's corporate hospitality was among the most profitable in the league! As a fan I am outraged: as a City fan I can understand the club's position and I find assertions that the Sheikh is a traitor and that the club is betraying us are unacceptable.

In 2014 UEFA fiddled the rules introduced to put a stop to any investment plans which might threaten the primacy of the 'istorical elite and imposed a world record fine on our club. City took the pinch and prospered but UEFA's attitude didn't change and in 2018 it made an attempt, based on no evidence at all and in the face of evidence which showed their charges to be irrefutably wrong, to destroy our club. Since the CAS judgement UEFA have always insisted that judgement was wrong and they have shown no softening of their attitude to City. Far from seeing UEFA as a protector of our interests the club had to look to its own interests, and may, understandably, have been prepared to settle a few scores.

Nor was the PL equipped to stand up to the ESL. The PL itself is a monument to greed and self interest. It is no more than the collective name of the 20 clubs who make it up. They never vote on the basis of sportsmanship or fans but always on the financial interests of their own club. Half of them tried to deprive City of the right to have our ban from Europe suspended until our appeal was heard last year and they were queuing to have our titles stripped from us and damages awarded to them because City's "cheating" had seen City win money which would have been theirs. These clubs are hardly natural allies and it is hard to see what interests we have in common. They have shown a willingness to join any attack on City and cooperate in the destruction of the club.

That is the background to whatever discussions City have been a party to. The club hava had to contemplate the future in a PL where each club gets some compensation while the 5 founding members make off with enormous sums which put them well out of any competition or in with the ESL, those very clubs that have worked non stop against us. This is not a struggle between good and bad but between lousy and lousier. City hesitated and considered and it seems that the mediation of none other than Agnelli, giving City a seat at the top table, so consistently denied us by UEFA and the ECA, was the clincher. I think City are reluctant participants because it's not clear how far Agnelli can deliver what he promised. And it seems the club is reconsidering though this must depend on UEFA allowing City to play a significant part in negotiating a compromise. We are still very much in an uncertain and dangerous situation for us and the game.

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8 Feb 2014
Just been reading comments by Perez that the clubs signed contracts on Saturday night that are binding. Of course, given the lies already peddled by these creatures it may not be the case but it's worrying nonetheless for those of us hoping City and others might yet back out if doing so would result in us being sued. That said , I can't see what sum of money we could be sued for as I think this has to be related to an actual loss?


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30 Oct 2008
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Naive if you think this new league is just replacing the Champions League, it's going to rip apart the domestic leagues too.

Did you not watch Leeds-Liverpool last night? Should have been a great game but it meant fuck all.

If he/she was nuanced enough to work out the various implications it would have happened by now. Nearly 1100 pages and people still come out with utter crap.

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