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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

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    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

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17 Jul 2011
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The positive part of me is hoping that UEFA will come to an agreement of sorts with these clubs and reform the Champions League in a way that would make it similar to this proposed ESL format. Hopefully qualification would still be achieved on merit rather than standing though.

The clubs want a bigger slice of the cake which is understandable. Ultimately, this is all about money.

I can’t see the top teams participating in their domestic cup competitions with this thing going on though.
The entire point of the SL is that qualification doesn’t take place on merit — today’s merits at any rate. The. Entire. Point.


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5 Sep 2013
En Why? See.
I have a question?

Has anyone considered how this is REALLY happening because COVID is revealing how whilst FFP got City under financial control prior to COVID IT FAILED to put under control the older "cartel" clubs that could operate with heavy debts, no need for success, riding the coat tails of past success (or were left in the dust: See Serie A for mismanagement and other factors) and therefore had less pressure to mange their clubs better, leading to spending ridiculous amounts of money and were poorly managed for many years that was already appearing JUST before COVID??

I won't deny City, Chelsea and PSG spending was a factor, but that was because you had to spend to get a foot in the door to compete really as you are competing against Goliath clubs with mega global fan bases, young players all wanting to play for them, etc.

It's little wonder this is coming from Real Madrid because they are one of the prime culprits as are almost all who are joining.

We are culpable, of course, and this is neoliberal capitalism revealing its core to us all right in plain daylight.


This is also why the chest thumping about City and PSG as the evil ones to focus on ignoring other signs that hoards of fans and journalists have focused on I’ve been arguing has been short sided.

I've argued this on Twitter with some well known critics (Miguel Delaney and Barnay Ronay before) when I contented what was happening with City and UEFA/"the cartel"/PSG not getting hit for FFP the 2nd time around...

In all these instances and what you saw other big clubs and their apologists were doing all to maintain power/wealth, or find ways to enhance it which are all really just sad examples of neoliberal capitalism that you could see in ALL of these big clubs nature, yet this was framed as "whataboutary" whilst some acted like clubs they support were holier than thou, and others (journos inlcluded) turned a fairly blind eye to this until now.

Well. The chickens are coming home to roost now.

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15 Aug 2008
For the first time since the takeover I feel let down by our owners.
By agreeing to be founding members of this shit show, I feel betrayed, they have turned us into everything that I hated about the rags, the victims, the arse, the lot.
We have turned our backs on the football we knew and loved growing up, we've let down the other 86 clubs in our professional game plus hundreds of grass roots clubs, we've sold out and I feel sick to the stomach, we've jumped into bed with clubs who despise us and did their utmost to ruin us.
If this goes through, like they say on dragons den, I'm out, I want no part of it.
What a sad day for football, greed is good and fuck the rest.

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26 Nov 2010
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Sky/BT are not going to want to pay hundreds millions for a damaged product that has lost all intrinsic value.

The revised TV Deal will deny every other Club revenue,slashing it.
It's the similar point raised every time that non starter of an idea that the Old Firm should join the PL - that the SPL gets peanuts from TV revenue as it is. Take them out of the equation and the remaining clubs will get even less than peanuts as the "product" has now just lost the 2 most valuable (some may say the only valuable product) that they had.

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