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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

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dickie davies

Well-Known Member
25 Sep 2010
Flat earth & I'm a c*nt (says @ LongsightM13)
Of course it will. It was literally created because those "big history" clubs didn't like that they had to earn their way into the top competition. Much easier to make your own tournament and pay yourselves more than the other clubs in it. I'm telling you City will regret getting in bed with the very people who tried to take us down.
Not really
We all know (or should do) that at some point the Sheikh's investment in football had to show a financial return. So long as it does he's happy. If we win some stuff whilst it's making money, then happy fucking days


Well-Known Member
30 Nov 2009
While I object to these proposals, there is enormous hypocrisy here: the creation of the Premier League did something v similar, and if UEFA and FIFA weren't such a completely corrupt shambles there might be some effective governance in the game. There are almost no big players in football with clean consciences. There is no effective governance of the game or proper regulation of ownership. While those remain in place this kind of thing will keep happening...


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21 Aug 2005

Underwritten by JP Morgan Chase to the tune of 5.5B$

The end of football as we know it!

Very fitting seeing as JPs most recent fine for market manipulation by the regulators a few months back was USD 1 billion


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18 Jan 2009
This tweet kind of reinforces my earlier point, even in this league it's skewed in favour of the old elite clubs

The options were to fade into obscurity in a dead league or join a new league and be better off than if we didn’t join, but far less well off than the old cartel. But knowing that you sold your soul and fucked the fans. Make no mistake, City will not be able to live with the history clubs in this super league. They will all get 350m per year and there will be criteria that ensures City get less than half that. Our time was up either way as the top club, but at least keep your integrity ffs. City are fucked, and quite frankly they deserve to be.


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25 Jan 2009
Blue Moon
Does anyone really think if this goes ahead the premier will kick out those six clubs? Because if they do those clubs that are left will be in the shit financial the next tv deal will be peanuts if these six clubs get kicked out! Also this banning players from international football will be challenged! The champs league was getting stale, the only thing about the super league that wrong is the closed shop if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be as much uproar..

I said few years back look out for these American owners buying clubs in the premier and how they bought them because one day they will want to Americanise it well here’s the day..

Blue Coop

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3 Jun 2009
The consequence of not joining are worse than the consequence of joining, IMO. Given our relationship with UEFA I can see why the club have jumped into this. The outcome is unclear though - I see the end game as still a CL style competition with UEFA but the clubs holding much more power than the organisation that runs it. It’ll be an interesting next move.


Well-Known Member
18 Aug 2009
Talking sensible nonsense; )
Europe has some very impressive rivers. The Thames, Seine, Danube, Po, Ebro, Rhine etc etc.

But the river that is flowing the strongest right now is the river Avarice!!!

If the day comes our Owners sell us down that river of extreme greed then it will be an extremely sad day for us mere mortals. Supporters who have stood together way before the money came will soon(if true) feel shafted by the biggest canal barge pole in Europe!

It seems the death knell of the game/club i/we love so passionately. : (

Here's a song for our owners to listen to by a Manchester band. They played at Maine road remember. Not sure our owners had even heard of us back then nevermind remember, but WE blues remember!

Caught By The River/Doves
Would you give it all away? To sheikh Mansour and khaldoon Al Mubarak and co.

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