The Title Race | 3 points to win the league

How many points will be needed to win the league?

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Brightwell Bros.

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1 Oct 2014
Logic suggests you’re right.

I don’t understand why some online fans get their knickers in a twist about other blues being rightly very very confident. We’re just fans, we’re not supposed to be sensible, our overconfidence doesn’t matter one bit. If anything it’s a positive thing as it infuriates dippers and rags.
If we do lose the title from here it won't because fans got cocky on a forum, and it won't hurt more because rival fans are taunting us it'll hurt because one of the all time great English teams bottled a decisive lead.

I won't be getting carried away on here, but there are some that take this mindset way too far. I remember some absolutely losing it when we lost to Leeds last season like it was the start of a massive collapse.


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11 Apr 2018
As an outsider just feel that City could lose 5 games and still win it .......... the next month or so will have a huge bearing .......... Liverpool with the loss of key players to the AFCON and Chelsea losing there keeper and the upcoming game against you ............ and every tough game on paper for you is at home ........ see off Chelsea and it to me is all but done


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23 Jan 2013
Cooking with Walter White
I wonder what that does to your CL aspirations. Being on the beach so early in the season is quite an interesting situation to navigate.
Mind games my friend will not work, Pep will be setting them targets and will not rest until the season has ended.
The Champions League final will still hurt and will be the challenge, the players will know this and their hunger and desire will be their goal.


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1 Jan 2022
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Manchester City
It’s not over yet. We will play against Chelsea, Soton(A), Tottenham, United, Wolves(A) and Liverpool. It's early to relax but we have the advantage.

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