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23 Oct 2010
The problem is without a good nights sleep and the internet (and the tech) these kids get left behind and never get a chance to improve themselves. There is no justice in that and nor is it sensible.

The reason the parents haven’t provided is largely irrelevant- they’ll be plenty of reasons and one may be that they have pissed their money away but that doesn’t solve the problem. Fuck me they may then even sell the bed and tech but then we take their kids away from them because they don’t deserve them. But let’s trust them first and most importantly make sure these kids have every opportunity to succeed.

You are spot on but it’s still not a necessity which is what my initial point was. Plenty of people have not had beds or internet access and have thrived in later life. They wouldn’t be able to do that without water, food, warmth and clothes which to me are necessities.


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6 Mar 2006
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I had a case at the far fringes of my extended family where two young kids were provided with beds only for their dad (a nutter who spent most of each 24 hours playing computer games) to smash the beds up, so the kids ended up sleeping on the floors again.

TBH most people have no idea what goes on, because most of us are relatively comfortable, relatively well off, relatively sensible, and we don't live like that. But a lot of parents are inadequate or, far worse, actually abusive. It's partly down to poverty, but also down to inadequate education, pure ignorance, and bad priorities. It's an incredibly complex issue and there are no easy answers. Putting the kids in care just creates a whole new pile of issues, as is well evidenced. I wish I could say 'do X and it will be sorted' but if I did say that I'd be talking bollocks

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