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22 May 2004
Just a reminder that tickets on here can only be sold at face value, regardless of what you originally paid for the ticket.

Anything equal to, or less than, the club are charging for a particular game can be deemed as “face value”. It’s up to sellers ultimately what they ask for, as long as it doesn’t exceed that.

Anyone trying to sell tickets at inflated prices will be banned. Posts offering to pay above face value will be edited or deleted.

We won't tolerate people buying tickets for games they have no intention of attending and selling them on here, just to boost their loyalty points. This forum is for spare tickets only. Therefore posts offering tickets before the last week of sales (when they can still be returned to the club) will be deleted unless the game is sold out.

In addition, we will not allow posts asking for tickets to away games before the game even goes on sale. We will normally only allow these once the game is listed as sold out.

Anyone buying/selling tickets on here does so at their own risk, we don't take responsibility for any transactions.

We advise arranging to meet in person to collect tickets rather than transferring money online before any tickets have been received.

A few people have been scammed on here recently, so we urge caution when dealing with users you don't know.

Please don't put personal information such as mobile numbers or email addresses on here. Use the PM facility.

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