Tiger Woods in car accident


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23 Sep 2019
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Drove right down the highway and wedged right into a tree


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17 Jul 2011
Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge
So my mother lives less than a mile from this accident, in the town I was born in (we moved to SF from LA when I was little; she moved back there after my dad passed away). I've been on this road hundreds of times.

Palos Verdes (PV as it is known) is like a small mountain -- you come up from the LA basin, then go over the top down to the ocean. Tiger was headed downhill away from Palos Verdes, towards LA. Where his accident is the road is pretty straight, but quite steep. It's easy to be overspeed and if a car stops in front of you, it's hard to stop.

This is far from Riviera, where he was Sunday for the tournament (Pacific Palisades, an hour minimum no traffic; more likely 90 mins with). Why did he spend the night in PV? There's a very nice resort called Terranea there. Maybe he was there. Not sure where his mother lives these days -- PV has some very, very ritzy parts and its not too far from Cypress where Tiger grew up, so maybe he was with her.

He might have been speeding because he was late for a flight, but obviously he flies private and there is no "late", but he was probably going to LAX or Long Beach because his plane almost assuredly cannot get into Torrance, the nearest private airport, due to the short runway -- although that's not the way I would go, so maybe he was on his way elsewhere with bags.

Lots of mystery here which we'll all revel in solving, but it's more important that he's okay, especially for his kids.

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