Time to stop 11 men in the box?


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21 Sep 2020
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Man City
Ideally you'd win the game without resorting to those tactics.
Second to that ideal but be to win it no matter how you played.
Chelsea got the second option.

As to how you move forward from this tactically when, again,we will be faced by this?

Play the same? Stalemate. It shows the oppositions tactics for what they are. But you're more likely to get a draw which in the league matters more. Do this in a final it matters less, but then you're relying on good penalty takers and keepers.

All out attack. It's proven it doesn't always work, very risky, just plays into their hands. Especially against a team playing like they're West Brom but with actual world class players.

Possession. Constant possession. This works for us but only if they chase the ball. Otherwise they can still sit back.

If they flat out refuse to play football then run at the, constantly and fast. You'll lose possession most of the times so make sure when you attack it's with the attackers not using the rest of the team like we do. Keep them back for the counters. We'll get more free kicks o the edge of the box so practice those. And get a few taller strikers.


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5 Jun 2009
Absolutely not. Defending is just as much a part of the game as attacking. If somebody wants to win being defensive then that's upto them, it's down to him to do it with the added pressure of satisfying owners and fans of their club too. Besides, our style caters to those teams that want to sit with 10 men deep, nobody is going to decide not to get back and defend when we want to pass the ball for 5 minutes before even tgibking about entering the opposition box. we could speed up the game and be more direct if we wanted to catch teams with less defenders around the box, we choose not to, that's on us nobody else.


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21 Aug 2014
Here is an idea, the opposition when playing City should only be allowed 5 players, we would win ever game and score 3 figures in every match.

Do people expect the opposition sides to play us and lay down and just let us run riot?

Jesus wept.

I'm With Stupid

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6 May 2013
The only change I would potentially make is to try and get rid of shepherding the ball out for a goal kick. I think the game would be improved if defenders are required to play it out or concede a corner. I don't know how you'd word it as a rule though. But it seems to me that if you shield the ball because you intend to do something with it, that's a bit different to shielding the ball when you've got no intention of going anywhere near it. And it's interesting that if you stop a player from getting to the ball in any other situation without attempting to play the ball yourself, you'd be done for obstruction.


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14 Oct 2016
Perhaps something similar to goalline technology could be used. Each player has to wear a bracelet thing and the 6th person who tries to get into the box when 5 are already there gets a (mild) electric shock or something.
Brilliant. How about a bulldog clip that snaps shut on your scrotum?


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28 Aug 2005
there must be better ways to defend and play football than parking the bus in hope of keeping the score down
even if you have not got world class players all over the park. the standard is so much better today than years ago
keeping the ball must be worked on in training all the time. pass and move. find space for your mate. into feet. playing out from the back its simple football. basic football.

ok teams like manchester city just getting the ball of them is hard. so your having to chase the ball around for long periods. but again fitness in the modern game is so much better

the long ball is creeping back into the game and is a way of opening teams up when the press is on ? maybe having 2 or 3 big lads up front and defend from there is the way forward take the ball out of your danger area

Francis Crawford

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19 Apr 2017
Just read the new rules for the champions league coming in in a couple of seasons ,

if uefa think that the new system will do anything other than the lesser teams playing 11 behind the ball and trying to get out of dodge with anything other than a draw then they are deluded !

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