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1 Sep 2008
Beckenham, Kent
In advance please accept my apologies for starting another thread on the SWP case.

This case has awoken a large sense of injustice within me. Not so much in respect of SWP's treatment but more in the apparent indifference of the FA to any sense of natural justice. Their application of their rulebook is inequitable. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this country is not the US. Otherwise, I would be instructing a lawyer to start a class action against the FA both as a fan and as a consumer through my subscription to Sky Sports. Their actions, principally through a latent preference to discount the actions of players in the "Champions League 4", have adversely affected my ability to enjoy a match unsullied by official favouritism/collaboration.

I have noticed that a number of you have e-mailed the FA to protest. I assume that you have all received some platitude but no explanation for their double standards. I am not surprised by their actions, they act like all arrogant people in that they never want to hear any dissent. I have experienced their bully boy tactics and I can report that the little man can bloody their nose.

The best way to defeat a bully is to embarass them. The internet provides everybody with the ability to fight back against the arrogant. Perhaps the time is right to set up a website which highlights all of the actions (and inactions) taken by the FA (something along the line of Righting the wrongs of the FA.com). By highlighting all of their actions and reactions it may be possible to give the other 88 clubs in the English league a helping hand as i'm sure their ability to challenge the FA and the Football League is loaded in the governing bodies' favour.

Accordingly, I am prepared to financially contribute to anybody who is willing to set up such a website. I would set it up but I have no computer skills and I have a full time job which precludes me from giving this venture the dedication it requires.

An organised record of the FA's actions would surely give rise to them having to consider their actions more carefully. Everybody who watches a match whether in a stadium or on their television at home deserves the right to see a match decided by skill, human error or luck. None of us however should be subjected to a competition where there is collusion by outside forces, whether they be corrupt club officials, corrupt officials, gambling syndicates etc. Officials will always make errors because they're human. These errors however should not be compounded by the governing body. In view of the fact that the views of each match official are not published prior to their publication by the FA, their actual recollection of whether they saw an event or not, is subject to censorship by the FA. How can Joe Public be sure that the Stoke referee did not see SWP's challenge or the Chelsea linesman did not consider Boswinga's challenge to warrant any action. We only have the FA's say so; no independent verification is allowed. Perhaps a lie detector test live on SSN would restore some balance.

A blizzard of e-mails to Sky informing them that we are cancelling our subscriptions to Sky Sports until such time as the FA can prove that they are acting impartially, may also have a sobering effect.

Power to the people!


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24 Oct 2008
Tearing off tights with my teeth
Mate not knocking you, but this is an Association that have a commitee meeting to decide what biscuits to have at a meeting, and even then the hob nobs can get black balled. Got more chance of penetrating the Vatican or Al Queda. Trevor Brooking cant get em to take grass roots football seriously and he works for em... Good luck :-)

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