Tippy Tappy football


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17 Jul 2011
south wales
the 1st half was same as usual, tippy tappy footy, trying to walk ball in net. crowd got up and we played like we did for most of season thx to crowd for getting players tails up, wave after wave of attack. theres just to much backwards play normally, yesterday, there wasnt so much of it


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2 Apr 2012
not really here
The Scarlet Pimpernel said:
tramazi said:
Freestyler said:
Tevez set the first goal up, and he didn't even touch the ball.

He creates space and drags defences apart, and makes them so out of position at times.

It's whas he does best, alot of people won't like it but last night Tevez changed everything about the way we played last night.

Absolutely agree about Tevez, I am not a fan of hiis anymore and want him out but tbh he is the example that we need of a hard worker, someone who will run and run even when it is a lost cause.

But we need that combined with world class skills etc....hmm how of them are on the market?

we need hard work and commitment, world class skill comes after those imo, without the first two I dont think city will become what they're capable of

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