Tips for saving money this winter

Blue Maverick

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6 Aug 2010
Quite a serious topic at the moment and also depends if you can afford certain things, going off some of the stuff I’ve read so far
Solar panels, with or without battery obviously a big outlay but in the long run huge potential to save money and even earn some (has anyone had this done recently round Manchester and can recommend a decent company?)
Turning down thermostat 1% or possibly even more if you can do it
Air fryer, I’ve heard things about these but never really considered one better than your oven?
Log burner again another huge outlay but you can get wood relatively cheap now and store for winter.
Buy some big blankets and use them watching TV so you don’t need heating on as much.
Slow cooker again these seem to be a favourite and you can freeze any extra and quickly heat up for other meals.
Walk were you can instead of driving, keep fuel costs down.

Any sensible answers appreciated


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8 Apr 2012
Double up on your socks, and wear a hat indoors keep yourselves warm.

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