Today's shooting in America thread


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19 May 2012
Been talking to my mate in Oz about gun ownership. He has lived in Adelaide for about 8 years moving from Dukinfield. He always liked pellet guns and had them since early teenage years for target shooting. I knew nothing of Australian gun laws but assumed they would be doesn't appear so, he has two safes for his handguns and his riffles, I asked what riffles he had today they include "3 leaver actions like you see in westerns one of them is really powerful, like kill a elephant powerful. 4 bolt actions all different caliber and a straight pull tactical shotgun holds 6 shells"

I asked him about the gun control "They are very strict Gaz to be fair I do loads of comps and enjoy shooting. Not into killing animals just competion shoots . You need to be in a club also the shooter association and need to do 6 shoots per year . Pistol only rifles you don’t need to ."

I mean 6 shoots a year, that will certainly deter the nutters.

Given the above, why dont we hear about Oz shootings,

are their Police routinely armed ?

Fode N The Hole

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1 Oct 2020
are their Police routinely armed ?


The UK is one of the few countries to have mainly unarmed police.

It’s easy to think of that if police don't have guns then fatal shootings by police will not happen. Obviously that would be true as a matter of fact (if you exclude likelihood that they may use unissued firearms) , but the real problem is the abundance of guns in the general population that causes trigger happy cops.

I posted on this thread before about the correlation between states with lax gun regulations and higher incidence of police violence. The ubiquity of guns here to stay unfortunately.

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