Today's shooting in America thread


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17 Jul 2011
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Until reasonable gunowners demand changes in access to firearms, and restrictions on the types of firearms that can be accessed even by said reasonable gunowners, and lead that charge, this will never stop.

But they won’t — ever — because IMO they’ve nearly all bought the NRA’s agitprop hook, line and sinker — that any attempt to restrict gun access is an assault on 2A. That any restriction is a slippery slope toward evisceration.

I know ten gunowners, including our resident one. All save one feels this way. They hunt and/or they have weapons for self-protection. They are decent, upstanding, high quality guys (they are all guys). It doesn’t matter. All save one is firmly against any and all new restrictions, especially on weapon type. Don’t even bring up concealed carry. Don’t even bring up aggressively higher taxes. 2A, 2A — “shall not be abridged” — 2A, 2A.

And because they won’t — ever — care about how non-gunowners feel (“your feelings can be fixed by buying and learning to use a gun”, one said), this won’t ever stop.

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