Today's shooting in America thread


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3 Feb 2022
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The 2nd amendment, completely antiquated in this day and age. Do something about it USA.

Nothing will be done.

Everyday we sacrifice people to the altar of the 2nd amendment. Today it was 20 kids.

It's like a morbid ritual like that episode of Vikings.


Bazzmand Show

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17 Jun 2009
I was reading about this in the Daily United Mail, all the Yank fool comments were saying outlawing guns won't work.

I made a comment for the first time ever. I said 'it did in Australia"

Since Port Arthur in the 90s massacre and guns were banned, zero mass shootings. Not 1.

When you bring actual data to the table such as the Australian argument above, they almost always shift the goal posts and look for some other reason about why it shouldn't change.

At this point I think a lot of them are just willing to have these mass shootings as part of the norm - in order to keep guns...


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3 Dec 2013
1. Yes.
2. Yes. But they’re "responsible gunowners", so not from THEM. They’re special, you see.
3, 4, 5 and 6. Rational acts after irrational events.
7. Nor do I, when I’m there. I don’t here either, for the same reason I don’t get LASIK or go skydiving. The off chance of something really bad happening isn’t worth the positive benefit I’d probably get from the service/product.

As I’ve said before, I support 2A and the rights of regular citizens to own basic, simple guns, sufficient for self-protection, hunting (kill to eat, not mowing down wild boars from a helicopter, which a friend of mine does as pest control in Texas — but he’s an ex-Marine), and target shooting. Other than that: ban, tax and regulate the motherfucking shit out of the product. Make it effectively so difficult and expensive to own anything beyond basic weaponry that the nation runs a budget surplus if any are purchased. I am for registration, background checks and storage rules (which exist), and (I think) random in home checks by law enforcement to ensure rules are followed, just as the fire department checks my property annually to make sure my trees are cut not to overhang power lines. And hefty, hefty penalties for non-compliance.
I see your point, but we used to burn witches in the UK. We don't anymore and no-one complains that they can't do that anymore. If you take guns out or society the murders will stop. It's that simple. Poor old Johnny redneck won't be able to carry a gun, look big and shoot wildlife but so what.

I know what kind of society I would prefer to live in.

I listened to Ted Cruz right after the attack defending the right to have a gun. He had a totally irrational and impossible argument as a reposnse to these murders along the lines that the law enforcement authorities must do more to stop the criminals carrying out the attrocites. Clearly no explanation as to how they go about this without crystal balls. The bloke is an idiot.

Blue Maverick

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6 Aug 2010
But but didn’t a bystander take the gunman out? Did they fuck, what a bunch of morons they are. Allow them to have a musket if they want a gun, fucking politicians, I wonder if their kids had been shot they would think the same.


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13 May 2011
So sad and it’s unimaginable what those kids went through and what the parents are now going through.

Sadly though it means nothing other than another tragedy. Nothing will be done, we will see all the usual sound bites but in a few days it will be just another news story and they will be onto the next mass shooting.

jimmy blue shoes

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24 Jan 2009
Strikers win matches, Defenders win titles.....CHA
I am confused about guns for self protection and storage rules. Jim Jefferies did a very good routine about gun control, it highlights the folly of the notion of guns for self-protection. How bad is America when you think that you need a guy to protect yourself, if there were no guns in circulation would a feeling that you need a gun at home still exist?
I am not having a go at America or it's rules and regulations, it is their own business, I am just confused that there does not seem to be a drive to tackle the problem at the root cause.

This is what you're up against though.

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