Tom Hardy to be next James Bond?


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27 Mar 2011
Once they ran out of Flemming books I swerved it.

Seems it's just an action film cashing in on a 'name' now.

I mean...that's all the books were?

Annually released, formulaic,200 page pulp fiction that Fleming spent a couple of months on each year. The first couple of books were critically well received but it fell away pretty quickly as the formula became more stale.

The books weren't great novels, the films aren't great films. They're light entertainment.


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3 Jun 2009
It's not where your from, it's where your at
Would be a waste of a very good actor. Once you're Bond, that's it, you're Bond for life.
Not really.

Connery and Brosnan had very successful film careers after Bond.

Dalton went back to the stage and was acclaimed as a actor(He's also brilliant in Hot Fuzz)

Moore pretty much retired after Bond as he was nearly 60 and only appeared in cameos after that.

Lazenby wasn't even an actor when he played Bond but he's been constantly working since the 70's

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