Tom Ritchie ("City 'til I Cry" fanzine) RIP - Funeral today 14th October

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26 Nov 2010
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Very sad news - Tom Ritchie, who produced the fanzine "City 'til I Cry" has passed away after a long illness.
Tom will be known to many Blues who attended games at Maine Road as well those of us who regularly went to Rochdale CSA branch meetings in the late 90's / early 2000's.
Thoughts are with his family and close friends.



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6 Aug 2011
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I met Tom a few times and exchanged messages with him occasionally on social media. I knew he was ill, but didn't appreciate how serious it evidently was. I always found him an engaging guy, very generous with his time, extremely knowledgeable about City (among other subjects) and with a lovely, wry sense of humour encountered among quite a few proper old-school Blues. He also contributed regularly on here at one time, though not for a few years as far as I know. He's left us far too soon and it's is a great loss to the MCFC community to lose such a man. RIP, Tom - will raise a glass to you tonight.


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15 Jul 2008
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No way. I'd not seen Tom for years but he often commented on Noel Bayley's FB page and I didn't realise he was ill. I think the last time I saw Tom was prior to the Swamp derby in April 2001. I bought a copy of his fanzine that day and it was only later on when I saw the price on the front cover that I realised I'd underpaid him by 50p - it was a bumper issue and cost £1.50 instead of the usual £1. Tom, being the decent sort he was, didn't tell me that I'd underpaid and although it was a genuine mistake on my part and a relatively trivial issue in the grand scheme of things, I can't deny that I've felt a little guilty about it down the years.

RIP Tom.

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