Top 6 mini league 17/18

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Chris in London, 3 Oct 2017.

  1. Inter Me Nan

    Inter Me Nan

    2 Aug 2012
  2. KCblue


    20 Apr 2015
    in goal
    A Spurs loss and rags win to add to the table...
  3. Paulpowersleftfoot


    20 Feb 2011
    South stand 120
    Spurs record v rival teams has been poor for a long time

    Since the start of the PL
    6 wins in 100 games

    at Man United
    W2 D3 L19

    at Arsenal
    W2 D9 L13

    at Liverpool
    W2 D7 L15

    at Chelsea
    W0 D9 L16
  4. foggy1974


    2 Feb 2014
    don't think our record is much better, granted in most of the early premier years we were relegation candidates
  5. TravisBickle


    6 Mar 2009
    Lol that is one shit record
    Even we managed 11 wins against them teams in the Premierleague pre takeover and we were shite for the most part!

    And for the record 26 wins post takeover.
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  6. Chris in London

    Chris in London

    21 Sep 2009
    Neither the real league the top 6 mini league offers points for entertainment. The turgid dross served up by the rags is of course no surprise but I had expected better of the Harry Kane team. What's that you say? Injured? Oh, perhaps that explains it. Suffice it to say, the most interesting thing that happened during the first 75 minutes was that I made a brew and cut my toenails.

    Anyway, results so far look like this.

    Spurs 1 v 2 Chelsea
    Liverpool 4 v 0 Arsenal
    City 5 v 0 Liverpool
    Chelsea 0 v 0 Arsenal
    Chelsea 0 v 1 City
    Liverpool 0 v 0 Rags
    Spurs 4 v 1 Liverpool
    Rags 1 v 0 Spurs

    These then are the standings:

    1 City played 2 points 6
    2 Chelsea played 3 points 4
    2 Liverpool played 4 points 4
    2 Rags played 2 points 4
    5 Spurs played 3 points 3
    6 Arsenal played 2 points 1

    Few things occur to me.

    1. The rags have not conceded a goal against fellow top 6 opposition. Both teams they have played against have not really launched themselves against the rags and have been more cautious than they might have been for fear of conceding. (Fat lot of good that did Pochetinno today.) I suspect Chelsea will not hold back, and as they seem to be playing themselves back into some sort of form I wouldn't be surprised if they put 2 or 3 past them.

    2. They have scored one goal in 180 minutes against top 6 opposition, and have in fact created by my reckoning three clear chances during that time. I would be surprised if any of their games against top six opposition involves any tactic other than keep it tight, and try to nick one one the break. They were a bit more expansive in the first 10 minutes, but once Spurs came out of their shell, the rags went back into theirs.

    3. Spurs season will largely be defined by how fit they can keep Harry Kane when playing other top 6 sides. They are good enough to beat mid table teams without him, but on the evidence of today they are not good enough to beat top six opposition at least away from home.

    4. The rags have still got a tough run of fixtures to come before Christmas. They have Chelsea, Arsenal and us in their next 6 games. They will drop more points than we will between now an Christmas

    5. Apparently the rags are yet to concede at home. On that basis we might score the first goal scored by any opposition team at the swamp this season. And the second, and the third...

    6. In case I haven't mentioned it, my god the rags are shit to watch.

    Roll on next weekend- I expect the gap at the top of the table to widen
  7. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    Shit for the most part and also not in the division. Spurs have been in the PL from the beginning with no missed seasons and the law of averages still fail them
  8. lasereyes


    5 Nov 2013
    What this tells you is Liverpool are shit and Arsenal are steaming, stinking shit. We should be battering Arsenal next weekend. The "super league" is really only the top 4.
  9. TravisBickle


    6 Mar 2009
    Yes that as well. We missed 5 seasons ffs and still shit all over Spurs.
    They really do have a very tiny sack when it comes to winning big matches.
  10. Bluep*ss


    14 Nov 2012
    Just thinking of the Turgid shit that the Rags turned up in April (I think) at The Etihad - 0-0 . They only got , after half time , twice into City's Half , according to Opta stats. .
    The biggest roar of the night was Jesus scoring with a header in 93rd minute - unfortunately Off side.
    The Rags still get full praise all the time from the BBC twats......

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