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23 Jan 2018
Following today’s developments in terms of Kane staying put and it looking likely we won’t be making any further signings this window I thought it’d be interesting to have a balanced discussion on our overall transfer strategy and wether the likes of Khaldoon (who promised the fans we would replace Aguero in his end of season interview), Txiki, Ferran and Omar should be scrutinised.

I actually see an argument for both sides here. One on hand I admire the fact we won’t pay over the odds for our targets whilst on the other it’s pretty concerning we failed to replace Kompany and had a poor season that year and have now seemingly repeated the mistake with Aguero.

We have consistently missed out on Peps targets during his tenure here such as Sanchez, Maguire, Jorginho, Kane to name a few. I noticed tonight Pep has confirmed he will be leaving after his contract ends- This of course could be totally unrelated to this topic but thought it was interesting in terms of the timing after missing out on Kane.

Debate away (politely please- we are all blues).


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30 Jun 2019
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This is our transfer strategy.



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7 Nov 2010
Impossible for this to be balanced.

You can say we "missed" out on Peps targets such as Sanchez, Maguire, Jorginho, Kane without then mentioning who we have brought in and what we have achieved as a club in this time frame. Not a single player that apparently "rejected" us has done anything other than Jorginho and he should thank himself lucky that he was still at Chelsea when Tuchel took over.

People put far too much stock into what the media report. The way people act its as if we have clowns running the club.

We had Messi there as well on a free we could have gone for?? I get Kane was the main chosen choice but there has to be more than one??
No we didn't have Messi anywhere. He knew what the deal was, hes had the fucking paperwork for years.
He refused the challenge, wanted the easy life and to play walking football with his pals Di Maria and Neymar in the french league.


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21 Aug 2008
I posted in the Blinders thread - Maybe it’s time to make that big statement that we have so far never made and buy a worldy - don’t like Ronaldo as a person but if you want to deflect from the media crap about missing out on Kane then signing a superstar like Ronaldo will do just that - he is the ultimate professional and would want to go out on a high hopefully passing on some valuable experience to our younger players. For once City please make a signing that gets everyone talking not just at our club but across the premier league. I have had a season ticket at City for 40 years and I never thought we would be in a position to sign one of the greatest players in football and at the same time piss those red t***s down the road off completely. This would be the ultimate nail in their coffin and give us bragging rights forever - manure fans I know have been telling me for years that he will go back to them at the end of his career - well let’s show them that they are f***ing no hopers now and we are the top dogs. CTID


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10 Sep 2008
The same people will respond with doom and gloom. We don't know why it broke down and we don't know what plan b was. Perhaps plan b was to stick with what we had and promote Delap as a more regular addition to a front line of Gabby, Torres and Sterling. Personally, I prefer that than plan a, if that were the case, but despite our ten years of unbroken success, five or 6 posters here will suggest we have an appalling record. We move on.

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