Transport idea - yay or nay?

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15 Oct 2009
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The club introduce a Car-bus Pooling online system that would show designated points on a Google Map, where transport is setting off to the match from.

So rather than you driving to the match in a car with 5 seats only having one person in it, one could offer a lift on this online portal, specific time and place, turn up and there you have it - a full car and less vehicles on the road.

This portal would be cross referenced with the supporter numbers, as you'd have to declare your RSVP for a place in the vehicle, and also the Driver could possibly get extra Loyalty Points for offering the service?

At the moment there are a few organised coach/minibus runs from Supporter Clubs/groups around the country but I often see plenty of people commuting to the match, and they have plenty of space in their vehicles.
Yes many will be coming straight from work, going to work after the game etc...

But many could also carpool.
And with this online portal which would show availability of car pools, it would make it far easier to get a lift, or offer a lift to fellow blues in your area.

Maybe even free parking permits for designated carpoolers?
By Entering vehicle Reg. on this portal

As I noted, there would be exceptions as to why not everyone going to the match via a vehicle on their own could be involved in this, but for me it would significantly help.



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28 Dec 2015
That would be no good for the early leavers, also why would you want half of the morons that post on here in your car


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23 Nov 2010
It sounds a good idea. I use public transport as I don't drive. Day matches are ok but night matches the getting home is awful. Last night with the staying behind for Zabba I got into Altrincham at 23:30. I looked on the information board and there was not one bus available so I had to take a taxi which cost me over £7 so doubling my transport costs straight away. The alternative was a 30-40 minutes walk in the pouring rain.

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26 May 2009
Finally a thread where I can sing the praises of a new venture the club advised us about some weeks ago. Zeelo started running coaches to games from several points around Manchester. In my case Stockport and get picked up from either Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme or Cheadle. The coaches provided are luxurious, prompt and very convenient. Average an hour to and from Blue car park but surprisingly at £10 for adults and £5 for over 65s and kids under used so not sure if they will continue next season. I hope so because its a no brainer compared with the cattle truck that's called a tram, risking paintwork getting out of a car park or walking in the wet back to Manchester for transport.


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2 Jun 2006
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Threads on bluemoon in 2019...


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2 Nov 2014
I don't know what's happened but the after match tram service has definitely improved in the last few home matches.

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