Turkey v Italy | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Friday 11th June 2021


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10 Jan 2009
Lovely piece about him on the BBC website, but my favorite bit was this:

"It was a matter of having a charismatic leader and somebody who fans and players could look up to for what he has achieved," adds Italian football writer Danielle Verri.

"He won league titles with City and Inter, he won the Coppa Italia with Fiorentina and Lazio and has done well everywhere he has been.”

I LOVE how even foreign journos now just call us “City!”

The last decade has not only changed the club irrevocably, but it has made the club name “City” our own.

Henceforth, any other team with that club name are going to be required to use the name of their town prior to using the name “City.”

Warms the cockles of my heart to know, the world over, when someone says the name “City” it is US they’re talking about!

Now, if I could just get Yanks to not say “Oh yes, Manchester United,” when I say I’m from Manchester, the transformation will be complete!

Always make a point to say “Hello!” in the terminals or at the door of the plane to anyone wearing a City top, and there are more and more.

I also make a point to ask anyone wearing a United top where they’re from. When they say anywhere EXCEPT Manchester, I always tell them “Of course you are, because Manchester is Blue! I’m actually surprised you didn’t say London!”

I even told one lad he wasn’t getting on the airplane wearing a United shirt, because I’m a City fan. Bemused he said, “But I haven’t got another shirt with me!”

I just laughed and told him it was “OK this once, but just because the airline has that name doesn’t mean you can wear that shirt on my plane!”

I’ve also given it to a few Barca and Real Madrid fans, but I have to make sure they speak decent English first, because if it goes sideways, I don’t have the Spanish to get out of it! “Dos cerveza fria, por favor!” is almost the extent of it!



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