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6 May 2010
On my way to the tattoo shop.
NOT A MOVIE, but do you lot get Ted Lasso (on Apple TV over here)?

The football aspects are a bit shit, but great little comedy character series revolving around a Crystal Palace type team.

Wife and I are enjoying immensely, which is rare given I’m a crime drama guy and she’s a gal pal/romcom kinda girl.
Love Ted Lasso. Some proper laugh out loud moments in it. If you have a PS5, you can get 6 months free of apple tv which is what I did.
Never heard of Ted lasso until I did.


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27 Oct 2020
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Manchester City
Winter's coming...

Watching GOT for the third time now - building up to watch the final season which I've yet to see.

By all accounts the final season was a terrible letdown - by various complaints either poorly written or far too ambitious - attempting to compress three seasons of events into a single season, with resultant confusion and lack of cohesion.

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