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Dirty Harry

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8 Oct 2008
I've paid my dues !
Only one episode in, it's a bit grim and barbaric isn't it, horrible time to have lived your life, and few, if any, likeable characters, which would make you think it's shit, but it's not, it's actually very good.
Finished this off last night, well worth watching if a bit gruesome at times.
( anyone who doesn't like whale and seal hunting may want to give it a swerve).


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1 Feb 2011
Anyone watching "the cleaner" a greg davies thing on I player?
Some great acting and genuinely piss funny lines.
Re the tattoed milf- "you haven't seen her back mate, it's all anchors and sea monsters, it's like shagging a treasure map"
Mitchell is top drawer in one of the episodes, as is that lady out of doc martin later on. Enjoyed it.

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