Txiki Begiristain


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28 Dec 2015
I'm not your mate nobhead. But thanks for the concern. I'm having a good evening, hope you are too etc.

I'll leave whenever I like! To say I owe you nothing would be stating bleeding obvious in an open forum in a free country.

Your reading comprehension - and both of yours' hysteria over my mental state is not my problem.

I'd be more likely to talk if you and others hadn't attempted to 'but whatabout' straight onto Woodward and the rags, whilst at the same time saying it was because I couldn't handle Ronaldo signing for them. It really, truly isn't. Him being there is not an issue. I've not made not one single jab or boast at a rag the whole time. For one thing, I know more than well enough that it is never over until the fat lady sings. For another, not living in Manchester, I don't give a fuck.

My neighbour is a fucking idiot Utd fan. I ignore him with every fibre in my body. Because he kills brain cells when he opens his mouth. His idea of a laugh is bantering a five year old about their Arsenal top. 'Arsenal? Never heard of them.' Kid had no idea what he was talking about.

Why bate people someone like that. I'll slide off and do something else. Anyone who is not an idiot I fancy joshin about with, first thought is - don't brag stupidly.

Brag about trophies and style of play. Brag about the spirit the team shows. Brag about a signing that's not even complete? Asking for trouble. Playing with fire. Missing the point - there's more to us than that. And it has fuck all to do with that lot, or their players.

I am upset. Very upset. Because I feel they used me. Dropping that story right as the Mendy news broke. I feel like an idiot for spending any time wondering about signings. I am an idiot. A monkey. I will follow the news I want to hear. They proved it. They literally proved to me that I am an idiot. Leaves me in a mess. On a night when the only real desirable reaction for a human being is to think quietly about other things, I was sat there goofing in the transfer forum.

Cheap. Very fucking cheap. And transparent. Use me and I'll remember it. I'll tell you there was one other time I knew this was going on with this lot, and I never quite forgave them that, either.

They are manipulative little shits. They look so far down their nose at us we might as well be insects. You wanna do their PR for them, who am I to tell you what's important to you. Me - nah. Fuck em. We were here before they were. We'll be here when they're gone.

Barca turned out to be a manipulative hornet's nest over the years - can't forget things like Pique's photo with Ibra. These tactics became normalised, weaponised. And lead to the utter scandal and meltdown that you've seeen this summer.

City deserve better than that. I knew it at the start.

It. Is. Unethical.

It. Is. Bad. For. The. Club.

Short term, underhanded fixes, for complete fuck ups, designed only to save weak managers from situations they weren't clever enough to avoid in the first place, and to save them from embarrassment and realistic criticism they would face if they were more honest.


Anyway, I made my original points fairly clearly. So much for 'going over the top', I feel they need to be said, and I'm not the only one. You wanna talk about Utd, or something else, find someone who is interested.

Have a good friday. And have a moan sometime. Let go. You'll live longer.

And the world won't end, I promise!
Take it easy on the vodka pal


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20 Feb 2021
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Manchester City
Panic bought Dias? GTF out of here....

Dias always on our radar but Mr Release Clause would not pay the release clause of €95miliion.
Then Benfica knocked-out in Champions League qualifiers and missed out on the big CL revenue.
In steam City and a negotiated £60+ mil less the Otamendi fee and a big saving on the release clause.
Brilliant business.
To be honest it seems more like Mendes did all the negotiating according to Tolmie.


27 Aug 2021
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Man City
Some very raglike comments in here. The self entitlement is unbearable.

and before people hit me with the post count, I used to post here a lot. New account as can’t find the details.

let’s not turn into that mob down the road, got to trust Pep and the boys, everyone else has strengthened yes. We won’t be as far ahead of the pack.

we’re the champs and still the team to beat, on on.

Rammy Blue

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23 May 2008
Txiki and Omar couldn't close a door, happy to pay release clauses but bobbins negotiators
We waste our time buying players we don’t need, people like Ake and Cancelo - there‘s best part of £100mil on 2 players.

Then when it comes to decent players we need, we fuck about over a few million here and there, and then of course we get bumfucked by clubs who all hate our guts.

Utter shambles, and yes I think Txiki needs to go, we need to bust up the Catalan friendship group.


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8 Oct 2008
Imagine what some of these lot will be like when the club goes through a rough spell and don't win anything for a few years. Man some on here will spontaneously combust I reckon.

It was great. There was no great expectation. Failure was the norm. We learned to live with it. Hence why any fleating success always felt sweeter.

Now the failure of success and what that brings is more draining.


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27 Jun 2012
The old "Barca boys" trope, how original and gross misuse of the word "emergency", something I hope you don't experience in the real world.
Oh sorry, I should call them the Hellas Verona boys because of their time there.

I don't think 'emergency' is a word to get moralistic about for me. Not after the last few years.

Think of it this way: Some manager's offices, their workplaces, are run chaotically. Because it's the only way they can keep people from sniffing them out.

That is known as living in a 'state of emergency'. One crisis leads into the next. No time to count the broken promises or lies. More highs, and more lows. All very predictable. You can't tell what was incompetance, laziness, cowardice, what a real win was, who was responsible, and you begin to accept everything as a good call, just an example of bad luck. Boy - how much bad luck do we face? All so unfair!

At some point, people catch their breath, and realise, they've been done. Asked to act as a 24/7 rescue team. Instead of doing their real jobs.

This is a club run in a free country. I was here before they were at Barca. And I'll be here long after they're gone.

Look, that, and the rest of this, are 100% not aimed at you. I would seriously beg you not to take a single word of this personally.

I am about to go off on one, and it is about City. Not you. Not any fan, anywhere.

Promises, promises. All about the promise with some people. Not that they deliver NOTHING - far from it. They deliver... enough. But they don't ever want you to stop and say, really, is it enough, on balance? Because they know the answer is - they're... alright. As long as you didn't care about X,Y,Z. I honestly believe it is debatable if the job allows anyone to be better than 'alright to decent'. But they won't have that conversation with you. Because they are selling you dreams - not impressing you with their character, communication, their administrative or entrepreneurial abilities, their actual 'vision' or their attention to detail.

Start to look at it like that.... people ask different questions. They don't want you to do the bookkeeping, or check your diaries. Nope. The job they want is the one where you're eagerly awaiting the next delivery of a dream. They are always in control... but really they are just little people safeguarding themselves, little people scared of the truth, scared of the people, scared of not surviving.

Illusionists with magic tricks. Sit there and genuinely wonder how they stuck the woman back in two having sawn her in half with the saw that gave off loads of sparks?

Or maybe your time is genuinely better - once in a while - sitting there and asking, "Do I trust that they did the fire safety on that?"

I'm mad as hell. Because I always believed growing up, that at some point, enough of us can be adults to ask the real questions. Put down the comfort blankets and rattles and stop making hooting noisese, and talk for real.

These days? Dunno. Yesterday was all too clear an example - when an uncomfortable silence is in danger of descending, chronically insecure people in positions of authority will immediately reach into their pocket, flash something shiny and change the subject.

Mendy. He was in our team. In our promos. After his arrest. I'm led to believe, he was breaking bale. A person into whom we invested tens of millions. Nothing stops questions arising from that.

And on the day his charge was announced, we decided to bid for someone else - someone, who to the best of my knowledge, is known to have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to an accuser in return for them signing an NDA.

I hope I am never able to forget that.

I'm saying this,



This game of football is really not important, but it can be used to spread healthy messages and thoughts.

City had the opportunity to do that... boy oh boy.

Why would I have believed any differenly. Now I look back at what happened when Qatar ended up replacing UNICEF as Barca sponsor's.

Seriously - I would apologise to any fan who is upset or angry with me. Do not expect any reply or reaction.

I'm done, and I am very sure, I don't need any help.

Musampa 209

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5 Mar 2015
It’s not Txiki, it’s the collective 4 of them.

They’d rather miss out on the player if the optics are poor and feel like they are being taken to the cleaners, which to be fair to them, every club tries to do.


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8 Oct 2008
We waste our time buying players we don’t need, people like Ake and Cancelo - there‘s best part of £100mil on 2 players.

Then when it comes to decent players we need, we fuck about over a few million here and there, and then of course we get bumfucked by clubs who all hate our guts.

Utter shambles, and yes I think Txiki needs to go, we need to bust up the Catalan friendship group.

The bird at Chelsea is doing a great job. And She hasn't been in charge long. Somethings need freshening up. They become stale and predictable. You could be right.

But what's Omar's part in all of this? He seems closer to Khaldoon than the Catalan boys. Omar is pulling the transfer purse strings.

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