UEFA FFP investigation - CAS hearing concludes - decision expected in July

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What do you think will be the outcome of the CAS hearing?

  1. Two-year ban upheld

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  2. Ban reduced to one year

    405 vote(s)
  3. Ban overturned and City exonerated

    622 vote(s)
  4. Other

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  1. If you stand back and look at context City are being painted as monsters for some accounting that Uefa decided to move the goal posts on to ensure City never passed. The dippers lied about a stadium, where were the rest of the league clambering for them to be banned for two years and at the time were probably a lot more aware of what the rules was on financial fair play than City were aware of in 2011-12.

    If it is true that the only evidence Uefa have is a few articles from der spiegel, it could cost them big time if they try to ban us. No Euros, no completed European domestic competition. Tv companies demanding money back for tournaments that never concluded, would Uefa really want to be paying City for damages on top of the sky falling in on their revenues in the next 12-18 months?
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  2. nmc


    9 Jan 2006
    A number of people who followed Liverpool in Europe in the late 70s and 80s have written accounts of just how vulgar and brutal Liverpool fans were. Heysel was no accident it was the culmination of many years of thieving, looting, rioting and fighting; settling old scores etc. Liverpool were not the only ones but any claim that their fans were not front and centre of the “English disease” is well wide of the mark. Accounts of the general conduct and behaviour of Liverpool fans in Brussels before the Heysel game make my skin crawl and seeing them in Madrid last year suggested little has changed. A strange set of supporters, full of self entitlement, deluded, convinced other fans envy them, and for some reason more than their fair share of people with absolutely no idea how to behave.
  3. mac


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    If only UEFA had a rich sugar daddy to bail them out. I am sure the G14 will dip into their collective pockets of clean money.


  4. Dribble


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    @Prestwich_Blue @spiny

    Right, the Sam Lee article for Goal, & updated a year ago, explains the lot!!

    Striani took his case the the EU Commission who set out in a 2012 statement that they agreed with the principle of FFP in that it protected clubs from overspending. However, The Commission backed UEFA in 1995 in the Bosman case, but when it was appealed to the European Court of Justice, they threw out The Commissions stance, & effectively told them EU Law was none of their business!!

    Galatasaray appealed to CAS against their ban in 2016 stating FFP was unlawful, but CAS found against Galatasaray. Not long after, G14 member AC Milan appealed their EU ban to CAS, & were successful on the basis that the FFP process hadn't been properly applied & that the ban was excessive.

    Many legal experts believe a challenge would have merit, however some believe it would fail. BUT the one thing they all agree on is ultimately, that the final decision will fall on The European Court of Justice, & the last time a major football matter came to them, it was the Bosman case, & the ECJ backed their EU Law.

    As stated in this article, no one tells BMW, Diagio, or Virgin how much they can invest in their companies, how much they can pay their staff, or how much they can borrow. This is left to the market, & is fiercely protected under EU Law!!

  5. its grim up north

    its grim up north

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    The Fourmidables
    Lickle ol Ciddy, the biggest talking point in World Football.
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  6. Colin Bells Boots

    Colin Bells Boots

    31 May 2016
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  7. BluessinceHydeRoad


    26 Mar 2012
    It goes further than this though, doesn't it PB. I believe that FIFA only allows "arbitration" by the CAS if a club "isn't happy" with the AC's decision. This effectively allows no appeal since CAS has to accept the lawfulness of FFP and can only rule on the process followed (including the status of evidence). The entire process from start to finish is a denial of the right to an objective, fair hearing and tips the balance overwhelmingly in favour of UEFA and is so scandalously dictatorial that we haven't seen its like outside the most unpleasant dictatorships. Recently the enforced recourse only to CAS was found to be a denial of the human rights of defendants and I think City would have ignored FIFA's regulations anyway and had recourse to courts which can and will pronounce on more fundamental questions, but again we are left open mouthed at the arrogance of all the regulatory bodies of world football, bodies which believe they really are not accountable to anyone and are above the law and can do exactly as they please.
  8. GAZZA


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    I don't mind if City never win anything again as long as it exposes and brings down UEFA in the process.
  9. Centurions


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    It's even worse than that Jim...

  10. BluessinceHydeRoad


    26 Mar 2012
    Highly regarded lawyers had to argue that UEFA was not bound by contract law because football was an exception, a sport which could decide contract matters without interference from the courts. I cannot imagine that trained lawyers felt anything other than desperately uncomfortable pleading that the ECJ should butt out and mind it own business but they did because their client left them no choice. The verdict of the ECJ was brutal but lawyers have to fight the case their client wants, and the lawyers came up with the only argument they could put forward, however flimsy it was.
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