UEFA FFP investigation into 2014 filings - Case Hearing reportedly this week (Guardian)- Pg. 1038

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  1. razman


    23 Jun 2013
    The new york times guy sticking to his story

  2. Eds


    7 Nov 2005
    My take is that we went to CAS because it was our belief that UEFA hadn't followed their own process and therefore any investigation was invalid. All CAS has done is to say they can't rule on that appeal because UEFA haven't finished their investigation. By taking the original appeal to CAS we were sending a very clear message to UEFA and I suspect that we knew all along that CAS wouldn't rule on an investigation before it had ended. This ruling today means absolutely nothing IMO.
  3. daveyboybluemoon


    29 Aug 2008
    Having thought about this, i reckon The Athletic would think this is pretty solid info. They are trying to build there reputation as high quality reporting (& to be fair I've read quite few articles & they have been very good) & as they are a subscription based services rather than relying on clicks for ad revenue, there reputation relies on them being trusted. If they get this wrong it would be a big hit to Sam's & The Athletics credibility
  4. cheekybids


    18 Sep 2009

    That’s how I see it, often decisions are made & negotiates then announced. The idea is for everyone to have a win win situation.

    CAS have told UEFA you’ve got yourself into this mess you have an opportunity to get yourself out of it.

    My concern is that City realise they can’t trust the “established” & they will never be accepted & City should not forgive the malicious damaging campaign they’ve been behind.

    Charges should be dropped with a full apology & charges laid against those behind it. A full statement explaining & heads must roll.

    City should then press charges against Der Spiegel & the many journalists & publications spreading inflammatory hate & lies.

    City should then announce at a press conference that they have been victims of a malicious campaign & announce evidence of;

    - Liverpool hacking City & other rival clubs scout 7
    - Dossier of referees that have been identified as corrupt & retired mid season.
    - Evidence that this has continued.

    The list of shit housery is far bigger than I have time to list.
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  5. dhruvblue


    7 Jan 2018
  6. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006

    If Sam Lee is careful with his words, which I am sure he is given he's a journalist, then this implies that they know what the outcome is of the adjudicatory committee is. i.e the UEFA investigation is over, and there will be no ban
  7. SilverFox2


    27 May 2014
    Seems we cannot appeal to cas about process until a sentence has been decided ie no sentence decided by ac requires no appeal.by city.
    Hopefully this is the route.

    Possibly uefa have been informed that this decision of no punishment will prevent them losing an appeal on procedural grounds.

    Not sure the lower chamber will like that though.
  8. dhruvblue


    7 Jan 2018
  9. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    this week has been like pulling teeth for anybody involved with manchester city and your left asking what next can happen

    i still will never understand how and why somebody invested his own personal wealth into football and manchester city makes the biggest tidal wave and tsunami right across the board in football, and both codes and ruling bodies Fifa and uefa in my book should be welcoming the investment because the money we spend is going back to football clubs who inflate the transfer fee because they know manchester city have money

    also if i was the owner of a so called big club i would welcome the challenge of manchester city, its what football is about and football gets stale very quick if one team keeps winning every season and fans turn off, so you need fresh blood and it also keeps your house in our knowing a challenge as been set

    Ac milan and real madrid united liverpool and the rest all did what manchester city are trying to do, sign the best players and win the biggest trophy the champions league, and it does not come cheap ?? even back than AC milan and real madrid paid big transfer fees with money that was not just from there clubs own revenue but investment by somebody else its how football works
    when you sell your club and have a backer investing his money or he takes out big loans on the clubs assets, its nothing new to football and just take a look at the biggest so called clubs debts and you will fined the reason

    can football live without major money investment NOPE so why punish a single club for having rich owners who are investing in football and not just in manchester city
    crazy crazy crazy
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  10. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
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