UEFA FFP investigation - Other PL clubs appeal to CAS to prevent City playing in Europe (p 2581)

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  1. dario2739


    6 Jan 2009
    On that subject, look at this article... interesting to see who UEFA's investigating officer was...

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  2. fulabeer


    14 Jan 2010
    It will already have been covered. The Puma deal was struck with full knowledge of the UEFA investigation/process.
  3. Mr HJ

    Mr HJ

    28 Dec 2009
    Their aim is simple - the media will all think there is no smoke without fire so even when (not if) we get this ban overturned the damage to the reputation of our owners, the club and the sponsors will be done. We must now refute it all (partly done in the statement), retaliate with counter allegations and threaten to expose the deep routed rotten core of these organisations. In other words it's time to play dirty. I suspect that the club will have details of the Etihad sponsorship that put some distance from the Sheik and the leaked documents were both out of context and used as a weapon to cast doubt of the club's integrity. If the club just expect CAS to get to the truth alone they will be disappointed - this is a calculated attack by a group of officials linked to certain other clubs designed to oust us and make all our wonderful achievements seem fake. I have to believe that our owners are not that naive and the fact that they have employed the best sports lawyers would suggest they are aware of this. Fact is they have accused us of cheating and that stain will stick unless we go for the jugular. Strap in everyone it will become messy, if not and we take a more gentle stance it will confirm that there was a wrongdoing at some point. I would like to see us destroy UEFA and create an alternative. Incidentally I find it tragic that the system of playing that we have used for a number of years has now been adopted at lower league level and as such is slowly improving the standards of home grown players, in turn giving our national team a chance of actually wining something. Perhaps we should have just operated at huge undisclosed debts and pay fees by instalments that never filter down to lower leagues then play long ball with a group of thugs - oh wait, that was the post Fergie blueprint.
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  4. Cornish_Blue


    1 Jan 2020
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    Manchester City
    This may well be Peps last chance at CL with us then. They won’t want him to succeed. You can standby to see us royally fcuked over yet again.

    I hope what Khaldoon said at end of last season about waiting to see what comes of it, then fight back ACTUALLY happens, or if we just roll over and take it like a bitch.
    I want to see us tear them a new one and expose their corrupt institution for what it is. We have been challenging their favourites, and they don’t like it.
    Come on CITY, show us your teeth. Bite these cnuts back.
  5. Hells Bells 1954

    Hells Bells 1954

    20 Apr 2014
    Jug ears Linekar just tweeted that he’s not sure we can afford the legal fees.
  6. M18CTID


    15 Jul 2008
    In the cricket club at Burnley away
    UEFA’s reason for the ban doesn’t make sense to me. The main allegation was always disguised owner funding regarding the Etihad deal. If they’re now saying it’s over-inflated sponsorships, then didn’t UEFA sign those off/re-adjust the values anyway at the time?
  7. BlueLou82


    3 Jan 2019
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    Ive obviously maybe been a bit naive. But my whole point was that if the owner wanted to sponsor the club with Sheik Mansour on the shirts and name the ground after himself, it should not matter one bit. If he wants to go out and spend £2billion on 3 players, it should not matter. Its his club, his money and the club is at no risk whatsoever of folding. So why cant he? Because they dont want City, or any other 'newcomer' to get in on the act.
  8. 55yr old teenager

    55yr old teenager

    18 Apr 2017
    Wow!!! Wasnt expecting that, fucking hell
    Thought they might try to ban us for a year. Bring the fight on to all the corrupt bastards that have got their shit smelling fingers all over this
  9. BringBackSwales


    3 Jul 2009
    I asked her on the way off why she forgot to mention how many livers he self destructed, she said “he liked a wee drink”, FFS
  10. marco


    21 Nov 2004
    i'm not really here
    i would be surprised if the two year ban is upheld,one year at most and better a fine,if it turns out like that non of the players would be off down the road

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