UEFA FFP investigation - Other PL clubs appeal to CAS to prevent City playing in Europe (p 2581)

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    18 Jan 2009
    Who determined whether their sponsorships were for a fair market value?
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  2. Manncity


    9 Nov 2014
    Three things hopefully..
    1. Part of settlement we get a place/seat on the ECA.
    2. We sue uefa for damages to the CFG.
    3. We explore or invite any ex or present employees of the top clubs who have any information regarding wrong doings at those said clubs,and they will be handsomely rewarded.
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    21 Aug 2008
    legal aid ;}, probably a question for petrusha or pb.
  4. Fame Monster

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    1. Being deceitful isn't always 'a worse offence than the offence itself': it's in most jurisdictions (according to sentencing guidelines) far less serious than the original offence itself and results in much fewer prosecutions. Even in the UK, if I turned up at the Guardian's offices and slapped David Conn's bald head but then denied it, the only prosecution I'd face is one for the (common) assault.

    2. More importantly, nowhere in the 'UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations' or 'the Procedural rules governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body' does it say that:

    • 'Breach of trust' is an offence
    • 'Breach of trust' or a similar offence is more serious than any other offence

    Once again, it looks like Conn's arrived at an opinion not just without facts but in the opposition of facts.

    He really is a disgrace to journalism.
  5. Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    19 May 2014
    Ferran Soriano, in his 2011 book Goal: The Ball Doesn’t Go in By Chance. “Like all industries,” he wrote, “football also has a regulatory body … that defines the competition rules and monitors their compliance. However, with an enormous, unique difference, this regulator also competes in the football market with some very advantageous conditions … They compete with the clubs for the audience … They also compete for sponsors … They exercise their powers in very favourable conditions: they fix the calendar, the competition. A more normal situation would be for Uefa and Fifa to concentrate on doing what a bakers’ guild really does, which is to regulate and not to compete. But this is not possible.”

    Jonathan Wilson in the Guardian sponsored by Marvin: That sounds a lot like somebody who has been waiting for years to cut Uefa down to size. But Soriano does have a point. There is an inherent contradiction when the game’s regulator is also a financial competitor. And it is precisely that fact that is so dangerous for Uefa.

    Wilson references our closeness to FIFA/Infantano and the power struggle between UEFA/FIFA and the Club World Cup.

    This prompted me look again at the financing behind the re-jigged FIFA Club World Cup which had $25 billion on the table backed by SoftBank.
    Khaldoon is CEO of Mubadala which is the second largest investor with a stake of $15billion in a SoftBank $100billion investment fund.

    Not directly relevant to the thread but maybe a clue as to where this is all heading. The scale of investment is huge and puts into perspective how small the investment in City is in relative terms.
    Irrespective of what happens with UEFA in the short-term I think it is reasonable to say City will be ok in the future :)
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    Manchester City
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    29 Oct 2010
    Looking for the orange one
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    30 Apr 2009
    Actually, it’s not true at all.

    Conn states that “clearly Sheikh Mansour is the source of the £57m”

    What is he basing that on? The hacked emails.

    First rule of financial litigation - follow the money. That’s what PB did and it turns out the £57m came from the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. Absolutely nothing to do with Sheikh Mansour.

    Perhaps Conn should have given his old pal PB a call before he jumped in and made himself look silly again.
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  9. Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    Pablo ZZZ Peroni

    19 May 2014
    Spot on.

    Reminds me of another whopper he came out with the other night on Radio 5 Live. He was talking down to Ian Cheeseman who had used the word "cabal" and said you have to be very careful using words like that without knowing the full meaning. Then said, in anycase, Liverpool weren't in any cabal because they were struggling in the early days after our takeover.
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  10. Nightmare Walking

    Nightmare Walking

    27 May 2014
    Any chance of a podcast with Conn and PB? Would Conn have the balls to do it?

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