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Deepest Blue

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20 May 2010
worsleyweb said:
tremendous knowledge dave used to win the quiz at st caths Didsbury every week - on his own!

I am sure he won £250k on who wants to be a millionaire.
Bloody thicko!
Pat and Judith won the million each.

Tuearts right boot

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26 Feb 2011
Halfway up a mountain,bumfuck nowhere,Snowdonia.
oakiecokie said:
oakiecokie said:
Somehow the voice doesn`t fit my image of him.First time I`ve ever seen a photo of him.
IIRC he put on a lot of weight since this picture.

I always imagined him as a very rotund (for want of a better word) jovial person,with a balding head,munching all sorts of butties,chocolate and crisps during a show.Perhaps he did and thats why he`s now a fat fucker !! ;)

That's the exact picture I had in mind.
Woooooo Gary Davies, Wooooo Gary Davies. His picture gave me the creeps more than Umberto

johnny on the spot

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19 Jul 2006
Wow, I'd forgotten about Umberto doing the show before Stannage. That was just before the Guinness fridge was plugged in under Stannage's desk and it all went completely tits up with the Salford/Ken Bigley on-air shit. Had a pint with James earlier in the week - he's in good form still.

Does anyone remember Dennis and Mosche, the alternative therapists? And Stella the medium?

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