Tim of the Oak

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29 Dec 2012
The only time I had to call on Unison they were pretty shoddy e.g. their database was down for weeks that hindered me contacting my local rep, That said, I did some helpful joint working with the unions in my NHS days.


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1 Jul 2015
How’s my posting? Call 0800-EAT-SHIT
Useless mostly, essentially exist to give workers a hugely inflated wage combined with the student lifestyle. Train ones are the worst - they'd cheerfully have more staff than passengers on the rail network.
Lazy too. Always getting out of doing actual work sitting in ‘meetings’ and ‘helping’ staff in disciplinaries where their presence is just basically to take notes and put in a token argument every so often.


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10 Dec 2014
It depends. I was in a high pressure career with nearly a 100% membership and was on our version of the cabinet. There was a mutual respect on both sides and that led to not one day of industrial action in the 37 years I was employed there. Disagreements-loads, but ultimately we worked together to reach a mutually acceptable position. The high level of membership was always crucial as management knew they couldn't drive a wedge in and get away with it. Principles are key but so is pragmatism and reality. Also being totally honest with the members when telling them what's possible and what's not

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