United (H) - 3 Mar 2024

Looking for 2 tickets for this. Adult and u21 or 2 adults. If anyone can sort me out it would be much appreciated
Hi folks,
I know this is a very, very long shot but it’s my great-grandson’s 8th birthday that weekend and he’d love to go to the match with his Dad. They have both got memberships and have been to a couple of games.
If anyone hears of 2tickets, either adults or 1adult 1 U18, in CBL if possible that would be ace. Or just 1ticket as I would let them have mine if I can’t get one for both of them.
Thank you
Just had a look on the site, one was available £82

Didn't think they'd put them back on for resale.
I'd imagine if they were going to put them back on resale then late on Friday/Saturday might be the time as people might not be able to go for illness etc.

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