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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by mat, 19 Jun 2017.

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  1. oakiecokie


    29 Jan 2010
    Its Guinness time any day of the week.
    I`m expecting to get banned from Rag Cafe after my rant :

    But they have spent an insane amount of money and are just a state sponsored vanity project. Not sure how good it is for football that City and PSG are easily winning their leagues.

    How is it a fair level playing field to compete against a state anyway? (And not a particularly nice one in terms of human rights violations and equality)

    It’s not exactly a feel good football story is it[/QUOTE]

    I`m in NO doubt that you have no idea s to how FFP works,if you think for one moment City have an unlimited pot of money to play about with.
    City have for the last three seasons shown some marvellous marketing skills in attracting sponsorship money and have made millions on TV monies,certainly via the CL,something which United have "lost" in the same period.
    United still hold the Aces when it comes to marketing,but City are fairly "new" in trying to attract big name companies and therefore havn`t tapped in to the wider market.However that has changed dramatically over the past couple of seasons and will continue at an alarming rate, compared to most other world clubs.
    All this nonsense regarding earned monies by other Clubs.If you knew your own history you would realise that United had their own "sugar-daddy" way back in the 1920/30`s.
    Don`t believe me ?? Check your history and have a look at which local businessman ploughed thousands of £`s into United.Bit like Liverpool and the Moores Family who were doing this from the 1960`s onwards and don`t forget Arsenal another whinging Club who in the late 1990`s had a huge wad thrown into their club from an investor.
    Always makes me smile when I read other supporters crying over Citys new found wealth,especially when the old Big 4 have been doing it for donkeys years.
    You like many others make this ridiculous claim that we are state owned and not a nice one anyway with human rights violations.
    Fucking hell there`s no-one worse than the country people that controls your club,going into other peoples back yards and committing murders and wars on a continuous year in year out basis.
    Just suits your narrative that City are in breach of financial doping, when the reality is that we have world top financial people running our club, NOT Town Centre/Mall Managers.

  2. ccr


    8 Mar 2011
    Red Red Whine goes to my head
    Could have gone back even futher and asked who paid for Old Toilet.
  3. Roachy


    12 Dec 2012
    Some of the twats are that bitter, they are falsely claiming happiness that we won it without beating Swansea next week as to somehow make it an anti climax by them losing at home to a team about to be relegated. Becoming the Champions of England an anti- climax! Sad bastards. Shame there wasn't more of them about last night who I could abuse. Oh well, there's the rest of the week I suppose.
  4. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
    oh please do fuck off
    And that two of the rags major sponsors are a state owned airline (that doesn't even fly to Manchester) and a state owned telecoms company
  5. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    26 Nov 2010
    From Moston to Boston
    Can one of you young techies stick Bulls Eye's Jim Bowen's head on Pogba- with the immortal line ''Let's have a look at what you could have won...''
  6. The state owned airline who’s government sanctions the use of chemical weapons on British sovereign soil.
  7. GeorgeHeslop'sTackle.


    11 May 2010
    Yes, you’re right. After realising that neither the rags or Arsenal would be battling it out with one another for top spot in the premier league anytime soon, uncle Gilly & Co. decided to move the goalposts yet again,
  8. cptnemo


    31 Aug 2012
    Got a rag supporter on my delivery. Today I had a parcel for him. he was in I seen him through the window. The sad git wouldn't answer the door haha.
  9. EricBrooksGhost


    19 Oct 2010
    I can't stop laughing at these set of ****s.
  10. Big Yaya Wilko 12

    Big Yaya Wilko 12

    7 Aug 2012
    Not a Mancunian accent among them.

    I love listening to the glory hunters bewildered that the team they CHOSE specifically because they win are absolute shit, and they can't believe it.

    Rag wankers.
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