United Thread - 2021/22


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12 Oct 2009
If he is this good a manager ,why has it taken them 7 years and four managers to employ him?
They had never even spoken to him until this week, and within three days they have decided to change the whole philosophy and structure of the club? I don't think so. It's just more knee-jerk short-termism. Like Conte with Spurs, he turned them down first until they accepted something he wanted. Like Conte, my guess is he doesn't actually get it.


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8 Aug 2006
I saw a YouTube clip describing how they think he plays and essentially it was like us last night. Develop the play on one side and when switch to the other. So instead of Mahrez effortlessly trapping a perfectly pinged long ball from Rodri it would be Sancho from Matic.

What struck me was how inferior every team member (bar Ronaldo) was to us in the same style. Not that it was a huge surprise. They need to replace almost everyone if they want to play precise football which will take ages to do even if they did it right.


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20 Jul 2012
Spot on! 'Twas Pardew (WhereTF is he now?) who used the epithet in addressing Manuel Pellers from his techy area during one game! It's been a badge of honour ever since.

If Mrs Ewing decides to put me six feet under rather than a cheery trip to crem it will be on the headstone - HERE LIES A FOC FROM CBL3.
Oh my how have i forgotten this?

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