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3 Jun 2013
If this Ragpicker is so good at his job why don't they take him as permanent manager ? Or have the scum fallen to the level of cheap companies that try and get you to do a couple of shifts as part of your interview ?

Newman Noggs

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27 Dec 2009
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They are calling him "interim manager" to remove the immediate pressure from the fans to appoint a big name. They know a) no big name is available and b) if there was, they wouldn't come with the current shit-show going on.

He's all they can attract currently and, by calling the appoiintment "interim", they can try him for a bit to see if they can pick up an FA Cup or something and if the experiment doesn't work, they can flirt him and still claim that they "aren't a sacking club".

For what it's worth, since anyone has to look better than Ole, my guess is that this guy will still be in charge next season.


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6 Aug 2011
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So what has he done at Lokomotiv Moscow? I ask because Wikipedia is silent on the subject.

Don't have time to look through all the many pages of replies on this thread since I last viewed it, but I just did a search for Lokomotiv and I'm not sure this has been answered. Basically, the charitable way of putting it is that his work there is yet to bear fruit. They were second in the league last year before he came and are currently fourth, but look a much worse side despite his expensive (by Loko's standards) squad revamp. They're also already out of the Europa League before the last matchday, having been poor throughout and been twatted at home to Lazio last night.

An English language Twitter feed devoted to Russian football described it thus:

Maybe it will prove a decent move for the rags and no doubt it's better than having Carrick in charge for a few months. However, Rangnick has been a head coach (as opposed to a sporting director) for only two seasons in the last ten. In his entire coaching career, he's won one Intertoto Cup and one German Cup. To get him to agree to the interim role, the rags have supposedly had to agree to a subsequent two-year consultancy arrangement with contractual guarantees that his recommendations will be acted on.

And even if his association with that motley bunch works out for both parties, their desperation in agreeing to his terms shows what a fucked-up club they are at the moment. After promoting the likes of Murtough and Fletcher, they made a big deal of having landed on a new, modern football structure to take them into the future, something they've lacked post-Ferguson. That they're now ripping it up to attract an interim manager tells us all we need to know.

I haven't seen anyone in the media take that line, though. All I've seen is a lot of sycophantic bollocks about how well they've done to get a "proper football man" on board.

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
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It's funny....in August we had loads on here being scared and flapping that the rags were back and a threat, that went well...........and they're off again.

Even the rags can't keep employing compete no-marks who couldn't coach a kids team but, I doubt there's much to worry about with this guy either in his mini managerial spot or IF he ends up in the backroom in years to come.

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