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heslops barnet

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26 Apr 2011
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He is a very limited player. Technically i have seen 12yo kids on the park with more ability. He has to be one of the most basic footballers i know to in the football iq department to. Your point about the run highlights it perfectly. It is not like he didn't have time to adjust if he was aware, it just doesn't register with him.

If there is a defender even close to him you can put your money on one of a few things happening...

1, He will stop and pass it back or to someone at least close, even that goes wrong far more than it should. Plays it to hard, out of the receivers stride, or to slow. Often leaving the receiver with way more to do than he should need to.

2, He will slow right up and try to beat the defender which he never ever does. I honestly can't remember a single time he "did him" and carried on, leaving the defender in no mans land. He gets tackled pretty much every time.

3, If he is far enough back he will try and hoof it past the defender but then run out of ideas, he will already be looking backwards for the pass as the defender recovers and be static when he should have already whipped a ball in.

4, Has a shot from distance that is always poor. Wide, right at the keeper, hits it into a pile of bodies that block it.

He never really moves for the ball in a pass and move sense, wanting it to feet everytime. What is he going to do if he does? he can't beat a man so he ends up passing it back losing any impotus they had going forward to begin with.

If the ball is not hoofed forward into clear space past all defenders he is useless, literally useless. Even then he misses so many chances, you never really think "eh up this could be trouble".

Oh yeah, he is bone idle to, lazy as any player i could think of. Martial is a lazy bugger but i don't see how anyone could say Rashford puts a shift in more than him even. If Wreck it Ralph has any real power given to him, and is as no nonsense as they say and not a feeble yes man Rashford will be the first on the casualty list.

I would not have him at City if he paid us to play.

don’t rate him then?

Thorin Oakenshield

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8 Mar 2017
He's a gobshite, if he was on the inside looking out rather than having fallen out with people and being on the outside looking in we'd hear fuck all from him.

It's funny watching him meltdown not for what he says as I don't care what he thinks but just to look at him being so angry.

Ranting every game in the SKY studio is about the most pointless thing in the world. They just poke him and he's off on one.

Yeah his ranting is getting absurd now. It was like watching someone realize they are wrong but too proud to stop. It makes you realize good pundits are like a team, you need the right chemistry. Keane had that with Southgate and Dixon, not so much with Carragher or Neville.


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31 Jan 2009
North west
It was embarrassing that he couldn’t get onside, fair fucks to Sancho that he didn’t fall for it.
Am sure someone who knows the laws better than me can confirm, but I thought if there wasn't 2 players (ie keeper and a defender) between the ball and the attacker then you couldn't be offside. So Sancho should definelty have passed it!


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27 Mar 2011
Actually I haven't seen it from that angle, I was absolutely slaughtering Sancho for not squaring the ball........

I didn't see that he wasn't onside, but if you watch closely, Sancho feints the pass and waits for the keeper to go right before he slots it to his left.

Sancho dummies, Mendy just loses the game of chicken and jumps a foot to his right trying to get a head start closing down after the pass everyone expects. As soon as he does that, Sancho pulls the trigger.

It's a very clever, composed finish.

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
Rags reach full agreement with Loko Moscow for Wreck it Ralph but Carrick expected to 'be in charge' for the next game still.

blue cigar

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17 Jul 2005
Ralf ragneck incoming.
This is Manchester United..it's Manchester United... I keep hearing this from various experts, they really think they are still relevant.

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