United Thread - 2021/22


30 Dec 2007
The back of beyond
Will be a happy United dressing room tonight, bar the 37 year old baby sitting in the corner sulking as he didn't score.
Team player my arse
Huge result for them (you could even say "massive"), helping them consolidate that 7th place and keeping them in with a shout of a place in the Europa Conference League.

The perfect fumble

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3 Jun 2012
They need to win the odd game like this. Last thing we want is for them to take drastic measures. They were still utter shite!

Yep, that's where we went wrong in the Ole thread.

Little glimmers of light in the darkness gives them hope and stops them doing anything drastic, like getting their shit together.

Mid Wales blue

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30 Jan 2017
I’ve read your post three times and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that earlier this week you likely suffered a head trauma or took a funny turn, woke up in hospital and now think you’re a Utd fan. Not too dissimilar to those people who receive a head trauma and wAke up in hospital believing they are homosexual.....when they were heterosexual just last week.

I can only hope it will pass and you’ll come back to your senses.

Thoughts with your family and friends at this time...
It was the doctors fault, if he hadn’t have woken up whilst the doc was balls deep he’d have never have known he’s homosexual!

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