United Thread - 2021/22

Trevor Morley's Tache

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23 Nov 2016
Do you believe that? United didn't need any ploy to get their pants taken down, they were jacking off already with the thought of being relevant again.

United would have bid for him no matter what!!
Yup. Absolute masterstroke from us pulling out like we did. Team Ron wanted a bidding war and we were having none of it, leaving the rags holding the baby (and a very expensive one going off the post above).


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18 Mar 2015
This might end up being a decent deal for them in the short-term but it doesn't progress them as a club in the slightest. United love these kinds of deals for some reason even though they never take a step forward as a result. Sanchez, Cavani, Ibrahmovic, Schweinsteiger, etc. Veterans on massive wages who "contribute" for a couple of years and get them loads of Twitter engagements but leave them back at square one when they leave. The likes of Fernandes and Sancho are genuinely great buys but throwing £24m a year at Ronaldo is a massive waste of resources that could be better spent on the deep-lying playmaker they actually need.


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10 Jan 2009
So, if spending a small fortune on Sancho, Varane, and now Ronaldo (to add to their record signings at GK, CB, and CM) don’t improve them from trophyless runners-up (domestically and in Europe), what next?

The pressure on Ole just got ratcheted up to 11!

He has to win the PL and go deep, deep in the CL for any semblance of success, doesn’t he?

Can a domestic cup cut it for the Top 4-6 teams anymore???

Going to be an interesting season!


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18 Jun 2009
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The Only Team in Manchester!
I’m obviously excited, I grew up watching him for United, lifting premier leagues and champions leagues… but I still have doubts in the back of my mind at the negative impact he could have if the likes of Greenwood and sancho don’t get as much game time. I also don’t think he should just come in and take pens and free kicks off Bruno, IMO even with Ronaldo there Bruno’s still our catalyst
That ugly fucker is a coward!

After Fernandinho came calling in the League Cup semifinal, the rat-faced one didn’t want to know

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