United Thread - 2021/22

Bald fraud

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12 Jun 2011
Chorley blue
Some people in here really, REALLY, tossing themselves off with how good Ronaldo is.
Pretending to be sad about how good he is whilst spinning tales of his pedigree and the fact he’ll win them all medals.
Sickening really, we already get enough of it from every media source on the planet

Fuck him and fuck them.
Where if he had signed for us the the media would only be reporting on how his best days are behind him, how much money he’s on, and how he’s blocking phil fodens chances of getting in the England team


13 May 2021
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Fat Bastards, should all have Shaw on their backs.
Serious question.

What is the percentage difference of United fans from Manchester and not from Manchester? Because every picture shows a Rag/s from outside Manchester.


How do you know they aren’t from Manchester?

Blue abroad

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10 May 2015
Was in town yesterday evening. Grown men In Ronaldo tops, Irish accents etc, not a single local accent, singing viva Ronaldo. How did so many Irish, Scandinavians, Indonesian, Chinese get into the UK during a pandemic? Can you not get COVID if you’re watching the scum.

Half time draw tickets

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9 Nov 2020
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Having reflected on what I saw on MOTD last night I’m struck by really how far they have fallen. I think the United of old would have seen Ronaldo as the player they deserve, a player befitting of their “stature and achievements” who is privileged to wear the shirt. As it is, they seem so pathetically grateful he’s turned up (and their cuckold mentality means they turn a blind eye to the fact he offered it on a plate to us first). Also it’s just full level hysterical hero/messiah worship - I guess they’ve had so little to celebrate in recent years that they’ve latched on to this. Problem is, what about the first time he lets them down or doesn’t deliver? How does that impact the team and how do the fans react (especially when the paper boy is all weak the knees with him too)? No individual should be bigger than a club. My prediction: they might win the FA cup at best and they’ll be happy with that.
Meanwhile, we in 5th billing on MOTD with the likes of Bernardo (can you imagine more of a polar opposite character to “CR7”) continue stealthily grafting away and taking the points, in slightly tense 1-0 fashion if need be. I think we’ll be there or thereabouts in the PL and CL again this season and we’ve got the perfect smokescreen to go unnoticed for a bit.


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23 Nov 2010
The rags will be a threat and no mistake. Ronaldo is a freak of nature, his fitness and pace doesn't appear to have waned with age. Mind you the rags and him were helped by the Newcastle keeper Freddie Woodman, who played more like Freddie fucking Kruger.or Freddie Woodentop.

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