United Thread - 2021/22

deano ou812

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14 Jul 2009
In the dugout....
The way they keep changing the rules does my head in, where is his arm meant to be ? You use your arms to balance yourself, yes it was out from his body but he wasn't looking to block the shot
It’s the way the rules are now mate,what I find strange is outstretched arm pen,arm close in no pen yet if that’s an attacker who scores and it hits his arm before he scores but he has it in tight to his side it’s no goal ..


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23 Sep 2021
Team supported
the only reason united sign ronaldo is because of the fans and the glazers out fans happy for a couple of weeks
the total deal for ronaldo is around £130million after wages and fees and transfer fee ? crazy money

united are in a right old mess and debt keeps rising and they still chasing and hanging on being a top 4 club
forget title winners liverpol chelsea are better than united. then manchester city looking fresh and still top dogs
take away VAR and dodgy pens and the rest of the shit that goes on with them then you have a ageing midtable team
the rags think they have a shot at haaland next summer , thats hilarious ,imagine thinking he'd choose them over us , real or psg.

also funny is the fact that they think Ole is their problem , when in fact their team is at least a level below us , chelsea and liverpool. Look at their defence and midfield , how could they compare ???
theyre so deluded its hilarious

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