United Thread - 2021/22

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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Manchester City
I think it will be Martial that is on the way out first...his time is done at that lot....he has never quite settled in and looks like he doesnt want to be there (cannt blame him)

Another slapped arse of an individual who has never lived up to the hype - a typical rag signing .


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23 Sep 2021
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Cavanni will also leave at the end of this year....he is still on loan....
However the signing of Ronaldo in this terms has not helped them...he will happily sit on the bench in some lowergames but will want to play all the big games........meaning one of Rashford or Greenwood or one of the others will potentially miss out....
I was talking about this season when Rashford comes back from his injury. Most likely Greenwood will be benched a lot and have his developing stopped just because the idiots signed Ronaldo when they didnt need him.


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23 Apr 2012
Love it……..both the manager and the much vaunted Ronaldo are simply symbols of their club’s glorious past.
They really seem to believe that they can recapture the glory days by appointing (or having them sit in the stand) players/staff who characterise that past, despite the effect that will have on their young talent.
You can hear it now on the phone-ins on the radio, the delusion and arrogance of fans who seem to confuse what is happening now with events of 15/20 years ago, you know the stuff…’biggest club in the world’, ’this is man Utd’ etc.-all a very desperate clutching at the straws of history.
They are becoming the brexiters of football- long may it last!

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