United Thread - 2021/22


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1 Sep 2015
I was trying to think what they could do to stop the current slide and hopefully keep the Paperboy in a job.
I suspect the best they could do is to go back to a basic 442 and try to get some solidity to the team.

But no matter how I look at it I just can't see a way they can do this especially if they are trying to get Ronaldo and Goofy in the starting 11.

The fact they have the most expensive squad in PL history and I am struggling to put a decent side together is shocking.

Pogba has just given them a hammer blow as well with his 3 game ban, while he is vastly over rated he is still one of their best midfielders.
I’d say go for a 6-4-0.

Theres 29 more matches , he’s already got united to 14, 29 0-0 draws and they’re on 43 points, and still 99% likely to not get relegated. Ole in.

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26 Feb 2011
Halfway up a mountain,bumfuck nowhere,Snowdonia.
How about a cheeky bid for Sancho in January. Let the press know we'll pay 30 mill tops.
We don't need him but the shit and giggles would be so funny. We can say we are looking to help him out as he is damaging his England future rotting on the bench.
Like it, that really would be taking piss, the anger, frustration and discontent that would follow in its wake would be a joy to behold.


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8 Oct 2008
Let’s hope Ole survives for the derby. Hopefully another thrashing from City, and the Glazers will get a new United Manager. The last thing we need is a new United manager if Spurs beat United, and the Glazers sack Ole the week before the derby.


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12 Feb 2009
We have a winner.

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