US Politics Thread

Lol! Newt longing for the good ol' days when big Republican donors could just manipulate the base into being batshit insane, vs the current day when the batshit insane base can manipulate the caucus.

It has been hilarious to watch the GOP become so afraid of their constituents over the years.
Good news:
By a vote of 316 to 94, Republicans & Democrates pushed the Ukraine funding act through the House for final votes on Saturday and Monday.
165 Democrats voted in favor, while 39 opposed it, and 151 Republicans voted in favor, and 55 opposed.
Democrates voted against the Israel component, Republicans against Ukraine.
Will be interesting to see how quickly it runs through the Senate, particularly the Israel aid component, given some elements of both aid packages originally negotiated in the Senate have been changed in the House version, so they'll have to review, potentially debate, and vote on them again.

And there is growing dissent--and rightly so in my opinion--amongst Democrats regarding US financial and military aid to Israel.


“The lunatic fringe”

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