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  1. come-on-barney


    29 Aug 2007
    If it’s accountable then I assume we will see officials being demoted as referees are after mistakes? No? Thought not.
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  2. Bluephoria


    3 Jun 2009
    After yesterday, interesting to look at the IFAB publication on Laws of the Game 2019/20. Handball is Law 12 .

    Page 40 explains the rationale for the changes - "football does not accept: a goal being scored directly from the hand/arm (even if accidental)" Note the word "directly". The rationale also says football does not accept "a player gaining possession/control of the ball from their hand/arm (even if accidental) and then scoring or creating a goal-scoring opportunity " Key word here is "their".

    These points are then set out in the amended text of Law 12 on pages 44, 46 and 51. Laporte neither gained possession nor control nor scored a goal (so nothing wrong on p44). Did Laporte create a goal scoring opportunity ? Probably not, because Jesus had a fair bit of work to do afterwards; so looks like nothing wrong on p46. (and, as an aside, would the pull on Laporte's arm be DOGSO ?).So, page 51 - its a free kick if a player scores "directly from their hand/arm" - no, that didn't happen.

    Pages 65 and 67 make it clear that there will not usually be an offence unless there is a handball within the words of the rule - unnaturally bigger and so on.

    So this all suggests that the rule is a goal dirctly from a hand / arm is disallowed (the situation where Wolves scored and Llorente scored) but what where the accidental touch on the arm is a move or several moves beforehand ?

    Everyone (players, Michael Oliver, commentators) were clear that the touch on Laporte's arm was accidental. I have heard no justification that it was a handball within the Law. Laporte hadn't made his profile bigger - if it was, the Spurs player did that by pulling his arm.
  3. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Yes I think Spurs away CL although after a years operation by now chance should have evened things out
  4. quiet_riot


    2 Jun 2006
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    From reading this morning, any touch by an attacking player leading to a goal is handball, yet defenders are still 'allowed' to accidentally touch the ball without giving away a pen?

    So you have 2 outfield players stood next to each other, subject to different sets of rules! Absolute madness.

    Game's gone.
  5. malg


    16 Apr 2010
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    Couldn't post last night as I was too angry. I left the game very, very angry yesterday and to be perfectly honest if I'd gone past a Spurs fan taking the piss I'm not entirely sure I could have laughed it off. Even when the Rags done us 2-3 I was pissed off, but not angry.

    That said, if we could fucking finish the decision wouldn't have mattered.
  6. Hart of the Matter

    Hart of the Matter

    23 Jul 2011
  7. BufordUSABlue


    16 Jan 2009
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    Like Ive said Previously, my thoughts about this cnut of a system are plain n obvious, it’s totally inept and I will never ever change my views, I’ve watched the debacle in MLS for over a year!
    Let’s see what the reaction is if/when the media darlings have one go against them IF they do of course
    It’s no exaggeration to say that not one single person watching that game saw that ridiculous accusation of handball
    Our beautiful game is gone and may it RIP!!
    The KFA tin god fookers of FIFA & UEFA finally have their device to stop us and ...... have the ability to totally control the outcome of games, which has long since been their aim!
    2 City games
    2 massively controversial VAR decisions go AGAINST us....... hmmmmm
    Fook them and fook their whole corrupt system, lets go and win the fkin lot again and then deliver the biggest FOOK YOU message to the whole damn crooked lot of em!
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  8. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    Nailed it 100% agree
  9. daztrueblue91


    4 Jun 2009
    It’s the interpretation of VAR what’s the issue not the technology itself.

    If used properly it could be an excellent addition to the game. You seen the best and worst of it last season against Spurs in the CL.

    It could 100% improve the nature of offsides calls so long as all VAR refs use the frame of when the pass is first played i.e not when the ball has left the foot.

    I’d change the new handball rule to only being disallowed if an accidental handball results in a direct goal. However, that’s a rule issue rather than VAR.

    Again, I’ve no problem with them checking every goal and red card if it applies to all teams at all times.

    The big issue I have is picking and choosing when it’s used. Checking for a penalty last weekend for West Ham but not yesterday for Rodri is a disgrace.

    In fact, I’d go as far as only using VAR for offsides, deliberate handballs and red cards/mistaken identity.
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  10. minimalistic


    3 Aug 2011
    In my opinion it needs to be used for every game changing decision including penalty calls in the box. It should also be fully transparent with the decision being shown on the big screens in the ground.

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