VAR Discussion Thread - 2023/24

October 21st. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin: “Italy needs to qualify for Euro 2024. Otherwise, it would be a catastrophe. Italy is very important.”

November 20th. 93’ Ukraine - Italy. If Ukraine wins, they qualify and Italy goes home. VAR not used on Mudryk.

It’s not only in England boys.IMG_0194.jpeg
Apologies if previously posted but I do like hearing and seeing the process. I’m sure most fans would feel a lot less uneasy about “fixes” if we could hear the audio like this but live.

It does show that the Derby goal against us last season should 100% have been chalked off.

Nobody needed audio or video to know that goal was bollox
Regarding offsides, i think they should put a timer in place for the VAR. If they can't decide whether its onside/offside in 20 seconds then decision on the field stands.
None of this bullshit waiting 3-5 minutes for a decision to be made.
The semi automated that they use in the CL is the way to go.
How much time have we spent in the penalty area compared to the rest?

I don't know why don't you look it up?

It would be a really shit way to adjust the statistic anyway. You can piss around the edge of the box for minutes at a time and not get a penalty shout, and you can lump a long ball and have a guy wiped out for a stonewall penalty without touching the ball once.

Clearly these are the 3 best teams in the country since 2009, so it's not a coincidence who's top of the list, but you'd need to be a lot more intelligent about the way you try to standardise the stat and get "who deserves the most penalties"

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