Vincent Kompany Interview

Inter Me Nan

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2 Aug 2012
I've just watched this interview and it's interesting. Can anyone enlighten me why Howson was there? The fact prick kept saying they drew the league in 2012 and tried getting Vinny to say it. Now Vinny is too much of a gentleman, but I wish he'd have said to Ferdinand and the interviewer, "Sorry but who is this guy? I thought this was a serious interview. Either he leaves or the interview ends now " One fat thick rag prick is Howson.


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30 Aug 2008
just watched it rio and vinny was fine both talked like they liked each other, that other prick, we drew the league in 2012 and a few digs but even rio told him let vinny talk


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9 Dec 2005
City dropping off the map into oblivion was obviously the catalyst for them switching their main rivalry to the dippers .. Make no bones about it though, since 2012 its very much normal service resumed, despite what the thick twats say … City are THE team to beat and they know it, it just hurts them a lot to admit it…!!
It was in 1990/91 when it was really ramped up before the league cup game by their manager, and City finished above united that season.

It was just mind games to belittle city and everyone bought into it.

Ja Salford Blue

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20 Oct 2008
I thought it was fucking brilliant! I never thought that I would see the day that United’s most decorated ever center half would sit with two united fans and interview a City player!

They even had cards with questions on for him FFS! So that is a European cup winning, transfer fee breaking united legend, interviewing a player that we paid £4m for and at first played him in the wrong position! What’s next? Fergie interning Frank Clarke!!

Vinny (who has won more major trophies for City, than both Ferdinand and Vidic did for that lot) must have been pissing his sides!

How did this interview even happen? It would be the equivalent of David Silva interviewing Paul Scholes, with Jackie tits out and Pete the badge sat either side of him! Bizarre!

Edit: I have just realised that the black lad is an Arsenal fan! It’s just fucking weird! It’s mad to think that Phil Foden was 11 when united last won the league and 4 years old the last time that Arsenal won the it!

The Irish dog botherer will have a few things to say when he sees this!

Might as well be Celtic!
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